Infoseite // First try with the Canon 550D

Frage von kartoffelpuffer:


here's a little montage of a trip to England.
I know some of the shots are overexposed too ...


Antwort von jub:

I find the clip refreshing and good. At last viewing, which differ substantially clips of the usual holiday. The non-perfect sharpness and synonymous partially incorrect exposures are described here not as bad or wrong but to give the clip a special flair. Perhaps the beginning called a short title in the credits and the producers of music, that's it!

Thanks for the show.


Antwort von joe11:

Story is crap
no O-Sound

.... I think the clip is really great. Sounds funny, is it that way.


Antwort von ArnAuge:

Hey Adrain,

really nice! If "vacation" videos have been up to, you can see them happy!
The Impressionist deposits please me very well.



Antwort von Mantas:

How comes it that so many people with dslr's überberlichten?
Just because you?


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