Infoseite // Flash Video with H264läuft at Strato not, elsewhere it is!

Frage von Kar.El.Gott:

Hello community,

'm at a bit of time on the tube.

I've changed my movies to Flash with Moyea, codec H264

Subsequently, the file was embedded in an html page.
There were three files: Film.html / film.swf and Film.flv.

All files are hosted at Strato. Now I can upload my movies look as of today no more. The mask swf with the player goes on and ready, no preloader, nothing ...(; same html file on the stick: go)

From the same movie encoded fun with H263 ... go!

Since the films were still in progress last week, I am somewhat at a loss ... Strato has to do with what??


Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

None a tip??


Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

If someone is interested, and someone with the same problem with looking on it joins:

- Have the same files loaded onto a 1und1 server because the film runs.
- The film was encoded in H.263 and hosted by Strato, is running.
- The film was encoded in H.264 and hosted by Strato, is not running.

The films ran for months on Strato run suddenly stopped. This stratovolcano is the only web space available. I also got the stamp of Strato hotline can be idiots.

Now I have terminated Strato!


Antwort von christianf:


I have the same problem with STATO!

For months I have (with flvplayer HD movies as H.264 files, mp4) hosted and everything worked. Since a few days OFF.

The only Ändeurngen which s.meinem webspace did is activate Wordpress.

But I can nciht say whether this is related in an absolute time ...

I despair slowly!




Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

I definitely have not changed, but the videos were of one another on the day any more.

The so-called hotline has not even understood the problem ...

I am looking for a new hoster, I gladly accept suggestions.


Antwort von DeeZiD:

I (with Strato and H.264 playback in Flash Player; Longtailvideo + shadowbox) no problems.

Which package you use?
I use "Advanced PowerWeb"

Gruß Dennis


Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

premium XE


Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

In order to conclude:

Strato has had a server change is a problem:

Quote: We would like to inform you with this e-mail about the status of your trouble ticket.
They had told us that there had been playing different mime-type of irregularity.
Through an adaptation of the web server, unfortunately it came with some MIME type for this effect, which has now been resolved.
You can attach the files of the usual MIME type to play again.

We regret any inconvenience caused and ask for the restrictions to apologize.

Now it's back!


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