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Frage von pewi:

Following procedure:
I create with PE7 small Flash (FLV) files in 640x480.
This results in file sizes of around 15MB to 25MB. (at 2.5 to 4 minutes)

From now on I will also provide in FLV 320x240 (for people with slow Internet access). The (absurd?) Target here:
Go out to max. 5MB files with no noticeable loss of quality. But still: The image size must be less ;-)

I have let this "little movies" of synonymous PE7 out in the desired Resolutionrechnen without playing s.sonstigen settings.
It will, in fact out, and again to create a 4MB or 5MB-file. However, others are synonymous 10MB to 18MB again great.
It is not for me to understand why those things are sometimes strong, sometimes almost reduced () in file size.

Now finally my question:
Are there certain wheels (settings), I can turn s.denen to get closer to the above target, at least?

Thanks for any tip!


Antwort von froggy:

you do so you can calculate yourself. I überschlag rough times (in the hope that there is no reason miserable discussions with 1024 and 1000).

you have 4 minutes seconds = 240.
you want 5 mb, so you were about 0.02 mb sekunde for.
come on, at the times 8 mbit too, are affected 0.16 mbit / s or 160 kbit / s

Now you still need your audio. in setting you remain in my eyes only mono. I would go down to 56kbit.

So therefore you have about 110kbit / s for video and 56kbit / s for audio.
If you have Flash CS3 on it, then you've surely synonymous to flash video encoder on it.

since you can adjust the values and good schaun what comes out. I think it will move hard s.der schmerzgrenze. synonymous school but I can not 20köpfige transport in nem polo want.

Otherwise, if someone insists that his 5mb, just because he thinks "bah, son video for the web must not exceed 5mb in size, then wonder if you only ne essenz videos from offering or kill the mp3 comparative views.

there is a long song in ner normal quali, which 4minutes is already 4 MB. And the mp3 format is compressed wonderful. Now he will explain to you how you want the same size reinpassen synonymous nor the footage, which indeed constitutes the "largest" share of the video. ;)

vg, christian


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