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Flycam 3000 / Zoll usw.

Flycam 3000 / inches etc.

Frage von cliffomalley:
Januar 2010

Hi Folks,

I wanted those of you asking the schonmal
at ebay at dv-shop23 you ordered.
Like so runs a shipping process?
dv-shop23 writes on their product pages:
"We can ship our product as" Gift ". Please feel free for any special request."

If the cause that you have to pay any customs duty or the like is meant?

[list] 1 What did you have time still pay s.den inches as you have ordered there (; inc VAT etc)?
2. If the item is delivered to me back home after customs clearance or must I go through Germany to pick up the article where? [/ List: u: 1cf648220a]
Thank you very much
Greeting Cliff

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


A product found by the Inch, Inch has to be paid the market value, even if you have purchased the product cheaper on Ebay. As the inches, the handles, often hanging off of many factors, including whether the product is new, etc.

Thus, duty paid: http://www.zoll.de/index.html
As a rule, YOU are obligated to pay as a buyer inches, not the seller.

If, for example a bill in the package, it is clear that you have purchased the product. This value must be cleared through customs then together with a penalty.

And now to the point that is not really welcome: to declare a product as a gift to mark it. Naturally one can prove the rule, None, if someone claims that you give to such a Steadycam. Then you must normally declare anything.
The crucial point here but again: Is it a bill in the package is not a greeting card here, nothing is packed, how credible is the "gift", especially in countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong etc ...
Then you have to pay penalty under certain circumstances, declare the product and the seller, and you could be prosecuted for fraud.

As a rule, nothing happens - but that is synonymous only rule! =)

Best regards,


Antwort von cliffomalley:

Hi Thanks for the reply.
The Page of inches I have now synonymous already well studied.
Only I can piece together nciht me as my example.
Da gibts still a 19% EU Ust. the normal to the 19% VAT is apparently still on it. And then there's the whole thing which I have no idea. How much do I have to pay customs fees.
As critical, however, I look at the rate of you:

If, for example a bill in the package, it is clear that you have purchased the product. This value must be cleared through customs then together with a penalty.

So if I order something abroad that is a crime?
How can I avoid this penalty?
There is no one like red gate at the airport, through which you can walk?

Possibly someone can talk about his appointment Flycam from India times.

Here what is written about gifts:
It says:
Is a gift pack from a third country, the recipient and / or consignor a company are (only duty-; inch)-and import VAT, if not their value is higher than 22 euros. With effect from 1 December 2008 increased the maximum limit for duty free imports of small consignments to EUR 150 per consignment, for which import tax remains at the current value limit of 22 euros.

So, for example, would be calculated on a Flycam to value of 140 euros + 25 euros shipping = 165 ¬ once a 19% import tax and 19% sales tax.
Then the Flycam s.end costs around 220 euros.
There is still nciht the penalty into account.
What is it about?
Just how I handle j

Antwort von Siegfried Zenke:

There are only 1 time 19% added tax. And while the import tax. You may still customs fees (depends on which country is imported from)


Antwort von B.DeKid:

`Is that so difficult?

Ebay price + shipping

+ Duty + 19%


The reason given location is only the EBAY price of the product expected

price of the output is expected once the 19%
on the starting price once the duty is calculated

The duty rate should be at stuff about technique at 3.5% - 7% is further information can be found on the Inch Page.

The package will arrive in D, either directly with the country through customs (airport) (when a bill is placed outside) - it is given to the post office and the Brieftraeger s.der collected from the tax and duty door.

Otherwise, the packet is sent s.The office of your circle where you have to pick it up after submission of the Ebay action / or an invoice
You pay the tax and the duty to the customs office.

If your package does not s.Flughafen "as goods delivery notice", it is simply handed s.The next post office and you get it from the postman.
You pay Nothing because no one wanted to declare the packet.

Now do you understand? Give penalties, in cases not really - but you should keep the cheese with the mark as a gift or not to wish expliziet tick.

Let's just send the same and you were off.

And it should go through s.Inch past and you have to pay nothing - it can still go to the next office, as honest citizens and pay your taxes and customs duties - because as a stop s.Flughafen wanted to declare your package - this is you then left, P

B. DeKid

Antwort von cliffomalley:

Thanks Constantin, Siggi and B. DeKid.

"B. DeKid" wrote:
`Is that so difficult?

No. It is not difficult. But s.gescheite come about is hard.
Thank you for your time to put everything into perspective.

I have now started a couple of questions - something that look as a response comes back.

Again, let it be taxed to drive to the inch, which I think is nonsense. The driving around it costs money and is synonymous unökologisch. This is not the state really.
What do I have to think only stupid to pay a penalty if it is recognized as goods delivery. There must be a proper solution for it.
Can sowas not register in advance or something?

Antwort von B.DeKid:

But you pay no penalty - only if the product / package is deliberately trying to cheat as a gift from too.
Therefore, the option to omit costs of goods, the gift over 140 euros.

B. DeKid

Antwort von MK:

"B. DeKid" wrote:
But you pay no penalty - only if the product / package is deliberately trying to cheat as a gift from too.

Even then, not because you as the recipient can not be held liable for the incorrect information from the sender.

Antwort von cliffomalley:

Thus, people

hab ich mal ne order placed in India.
So do not just book now but already long ago.

Bissl I'll just describe the flow of the past.
There were some communication problems within Germany.

ebay items purchased s.29.01.2010 for 139 ¬ plus 33 ¬ Versand nach EN.
On 30.01.2010 the packet was then sent out. Was of course paid for with Paypal.
The monatge I then get two 1.2.2010 tracking numbers.
One of them is an important international tracking number as I have just learned. Let me but come back the same.
On 8.02.2010, I will receive an email with digital dvshop of invoice on which the price of the stand was showing no shipping.
This has waived the ebay price of something.
Upon request, I learned then s.10.02.2010 that the package has now arrived in Germany. As long as it was already there, but I can not say for sure.
Am 16.2. I was then told to demand dvshop that my package has received German customs clearance, and I should contact the nearest UPS office. So I then s.16.2. times contacted UPS.
I had tracking numbers for this time two. One of them is a UPS tracking ID and the other is an international one. If this is still "billing data received" and no more.
The lady s.der expensive UPS Hotline only synonymous but I can say what I could read online even synonymous. In addition, they could still tell me that the sender of the package is sitting in Frankfurt. Name and address she could not tell me for privacy reasons. So once again attempted to call s.einer office. The lady told me there, it could only help me if I could give her an AWB number. So far I did not know that I already had it. Thought that this one is the tracking number for the Indian postman.
I phoned there s.17.02.2010. So, I then briefly practiced again with patience and let me melt on the tongue, the word globalization.
Anyway, it has served me then today (19.02.2010) but times and I've started researching. So once again contacted before work and the nice man from dvshop after awb number required. I promptly received after 2 hours just two points and a mega-list of people in CC. Well if the time is not a priority then I do not synonymous austrahlt white.
Look at the work done then erstmal so when I was working and tried and important times bissl rumtelefoniert. And I was led of a customs office to another. In the end I was processed correctly but then, at the office of the UPS Inch broadcasts. Had there schonmal tele-phoned during my session.
The numbers I have made next as jpeg at.
The really nice, really dedicated Customs staff was able to tell me that my package was already the customs clearance and could make no sense on it but synonymous why the package is not already on me. He told me but then a few more so given the telephone numbers are important.
The next stop is when I called "first class customs broker". The process according to the data of the customs employees shipments from India and which will now be in possession of my package. He told me synonymous specified or equal to a company on behalf of first class, the goods are stored. So I have the least understood. Who has more accurate information will correct me please.
The company is called "time matters" - is when not even an ironic name for my situation. :-)
The address in my package will then store it has been synonymous to me then, and also equal to the important number of first class. Then I would still ask if you are. The package I could always personally Abol there because it is my property, he said.
So just call to First Class. There I was told that now "freestyle logistics" is responsible for the way forward and help deliver it then synonymous. All the people were really nice and accommodating. So there was really niemenden not wanted to help me - except halt UPS - but naja - that could ensure no harm.
The employee of freestyle logistics has told me that since then, according to their

Antwort von rush:

@ cliffomalley:

So, I guess so with 2-3 weeks waiting time should not count for articles aus'm-EU space already partially ... this is not necessarily unusual.

For me, shipments from overseas, etc. are usually landed directly in inches, and of where I was informed synonymous and could pick up my stuff right there ... Or did, however, UPS and has cashed then the few bucks fees / Inch s.der door or a corresponding extra-sent invoice.

Mostly it works - but you need some patience and stop when something then where are isses remains, of course, silly:) But then yes but everything seems to go well ...

And Søbad the part is because you, you can experience a little time to write report of the Flycam 3000 - that would interest me personally ... Had my Glidecam have to sell some time ago and now I am still mourning and back down a bit:)

Antwort von cliffomalley:

jo clear - even haste recht. Synonymous am really a patient person. But if they are simply the status remains unchanged for 2 weeks, then I'm already suspicious bissl and hake to prefer. Perhaps I controlled simply synonymous with happy things. Oh god -> fully psychotic :-(;

Yes, I will report extensively. Running time to time often synonymous with a full glass of water through the area to get a feeling for smooth movements. Good way to practice his Kung Fu ;-).

Antwort von partylogger:

Hi, I have already ordered some equipment abroad. In declaring such actions as "a gift" I'll not meddle. Anger after you have s.Hals as a receiver. Is bad enough that some dealer will do good things, and enclose an invoice of the consignment or in value terms, significantly different of the paid price.

When it comes, I always try to send me the goods via UPS. UPS takes care of the formalities and take exemplary, to be followed if the sales tax and customs fees exceed a certain amount in advance with a contact in order to be issued to a customs authority.

But UPS does not offer many shippers s.and you get it via USPS (United States Postal) Service. Contractor here in Germany is DHL. So far I have but with each shipment via USPS to receive my goods themselves must pick up at the customs.

There you will have the account (eg Paypal receipt) and bring in the presence of customs officers to open the package and show the goods. Synonymous Klappt always run smoothly. Stupid is only when a dealer's meant well, and has enclosed a gefakede account. The Inch says nothing, since I'm with the correct account, but somehow I feel uncomfortable, as it is indeed thought maybe I had something to do. So I pay penalty but had never been so, but I would deal strictly against synonymous, because I am not the initiator.

Oh yes, has been made clear already, but it is again:

It is always the total amount, ie the purchase price + shipping as a basis. Then import VAT and customs fees are paid. These duties can you see the following page of the duty:


I reckon the ever before by, but you can usually save you shipping, despite high taxes and a few hundred dollars, if the risk of the most received in the U.S. only applicable warranties.

PS And it needs to be paid only to the inch price, which one has paid for the item (+ shipping). With the market value for the first time I hear That only applies if you can show an invoice, then the item is estimated (by research) by the inch.

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