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Frage von aight8:

There are even entire lens sets which cost several thousand euros per lens. The all have a different focal, but "static".

That means that you can zoom this is not correct?

My question now: How to solve the so? Bares is a zoom-lens but not much more flexible with the Focal, and ersparrt to the Purchase of 6 Lenses with different focal? I do not understand anyway.


Antwort von jwd96:

Quite simply, prime lenses (fixed focal length) are qualitatively much higher quality than zoom lenses. They also usually have a much higher light intensity.
Of course, zoom lenses are more flexible, but for professionals too inferior.
For amateur filmmakers enough, a standard kit lens, a 50mm and usually made. (The 50mm is on nearly every company very cheap but high quality)


Antwort von rush:

for example, why is there a Porsche and a Dacia?

can you drive with both ... but both differ quite strongly;) you can find comparable containing synonymous with objective.

there are just many factors which drive the objetkivpreise in height, including light intensity, compensation or Aachen general quality optical and mechanical.

It is always a question of entitlement and what you need personally and preferably ... when you get a little with the matter as you will come back:)


Antwort von aight8:

@ Jwd96:
But amateur filmmakers can probably barely afford a cam with interchangeable lens;)
If yes Still Image standard, but is synonymous with the video?

@ Rush:
Achso understand slow ...


Antwort von B.DeKid:

So when you speak of film, as do Zoom Lenses only so s.einer ENG news team Camera sense.

In the scenic work do you actually need a zoom.


Zoom Lenses are usually not powerful enough.

Are different from the structure synonymous.

Usually do not bring the imaging performance with a fixed focal length to bring.

B. DeKid


Antwort von WoWu:

@ Aight8

For the video is only right, because the image sensors are correspondingly smaller (even of the AF100 apart). However, the smaller the image circle of a lens is the higher the requirements.
It is a dramatic difference if you should represent 1920 detail points horizontally on 36mm or 2mm.
You can imagine that the lens must be more substantial.
So it's much easier to achieve high resolution of detail in the photograph, as in video.
In addition there are other factors. In the photo area you can control many things about the exposure time without having a major impact in the picture looks.
In the video section is different. There you'll see changes immediately shutter and the lens must be in terms of light, make very much more.

All this means that most camcorders have relatively simple compromises than Lens. But the images are synonymous not so good.
It's all a question of price.


Antwort von jwd96:

Quote: But amateur filmmakers can probably barely afford a cam with interchangeable lens;)
If yes Still Image standard, but is synonymous with the video?

I came out of DSLRs, because most of the lenses have to ask before buying a DSLR.


Antwort von Videobodo:

It was here already of, Porsche and Dacia, spoken. It would be synonymous good time to talk about the license. Who wants to shoot with DSLR should have one.


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