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Footage Bilder / Industriefilm / Welche Kamera?

Footage Pictures / industrial film / Which Camera?

Frage von Useless69:
August 2009

Hello, I read me here for a long time to be smart, but my current question had not yet found a suitable thread.

So I want to rotate footage material for a company in Stuttagart.

The company manufactures beverages, and are currently still quite s.anfang what synonymous heist that they do not really want to spend much money for it.

The ever regain questions of TV channels, if you do not have pictures of the production process.

Now the question arises for me since I just a Private Panasonic HDC SD-300 did.

Which camera should I borrow for production, especially when the material is to go s.TV institutions.

At work, I am shooting with Panasonic AG-ner HVX201AE, but I can not hire me as synonymous.

Now I wanted to hear what you think, with what kind of camera you would realize that.

I find the Panasonic camera is really great but with the P2 cards as a problem because I do not know exactly how much material I
And if I in turn would turn so ne DVCPro HD 32 GB card is very full quickly.

Which Camera I have been taken in addition to the HVX201 to the eye would be the GY HD 100, but only to turn the 720p. What I think is somewhat problematic, since I do not know go s.welche Channel is the meterial. Since many HD channels now, I guess then I would send better if the starting material in 1080p or i is present, the sender can always go down the then expected.

As it does with Canon or Sony's cams out? Can you advise me as what?

I do not know how synonymous the lighting is and how much light I can borrow at reasonable zuleuchten out. So should the synonymous came good in low light its field.


do you know a good camera rental company in the Ruhr area, or one on the road towards Stuttgart (; which is to be rotated)?
Dortmund and I come here there is not really something where you can borrow something.

Best regards,

the Kai

Antwort von Manuell:

Hi Kai,

I would stay s.deiner job with the Panasonic HVX. You can deal with the camera, know strengths and weaknesses. Lend you one, or two P2 cards and dubbing during filming on a laptop, for example, if you have something clear to you time to dub.


Antwort von tommyb:

The 200 Series can be the GY-HD 720p50. It can be synonymous generate a 1080i, which is also synonymous problematic (; qualitatively) than the reverse path.

Generally, I would advise of the GY-HD series rather because they can only operate properly when we know their weaknesses. The s'Ajuntament by someone says (; Lens quite ok, but not on top of open Aperture Viewfinder mikrig so that you can only make sharp with the sharpness of the wizard) or by paying dearly.

Should be ifs HDV, you can register as otherwise directed towards Sony Z1. This is a wonderful camera to HDV 1080i recording and especially many of the features that you could make life easier offering (; good wide angle lens, good stabilizer, programmable zoom lens including starting and stopping liquid, etc.). It records to miniDV tapes, then you can rotate a lot of material for little money.

Antwort von Jürgen F.:

Hi Kai,
Of course, there are on the path of DO after Stgt some lenders.
The question is: how big is the pot of your financial authority. How long is to be rotated. How much effort. Have you written a VB. What are the lighting conditions. Light must be built. "?"
If you own the material, edit, P2 is okay. Perhaps the AVC-I / 100 select codec - wg. 10-bit 4:2:2.

I would, if it allows the pot to a broadcast camera jedenfall only one to take account of the handling and the optics.
Can we reach you by mail. Perhaps a few tips ...

Greetings Jürgen F.

Antwort von Useless69:

Hey Thanks for the answer many times already

My email
kai.cz (; at) gmx.net

Mid-September had a meeting with them. Tomorrow I think I photos from the production hall then I will get to assess the with the light.

Think that about 500 ¬ for the equipment available. For further details, but I know until tomorrow to Buget.

Estimated for the rotation is a day.

Are the cameras at Indycine ok or should there be careful?

I've since considered synonymous, the production facility has several levels, possibly something with one crane to realize.
I've never before worked with one crane.
Could you need much time to familiarize themselves in order to make good recordings?

How about with the SonyPMW-EX1 which would cost the same as the Panasonic? I do my handling of the cameras so all is not really much.

Greetings Kai

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