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Für Glidecam 2000 was kaufen: Canon HV30 vs. HR100 vs. Sony SR11 ?

For Glidecam 2000 What to buy: Canon HV30 vs. HR100 vs. SonySR11?

Frage von dermarcelistdas:
Dezember 2008


SHORT VERSION: I am looking for a camera in the class HR100, HV30, SR11, it s.einem tripod Glidecam how to operate. Is there a recommendation? For the Austarieren I do not want to tinker.


LONG VERSION: Another Newbie, one would like to purchase advice. The details were s.besten, synonymous So I ask here:) I now have all the forum posts that link to this test s.Ende were read: http://www.slashcam.de/artikel/Test/Scharfe-Sache--- Canon HF10-and-HF100.html

1) striking: There are many voices against the labor-intensive (s) AVCHD variant (s). Since I will belong to those who purchase after the 2nd Years probably only 365 minutes to produce witnesses be shy I am not before (Quad + 4 GB + ATI 4870 available, so naively thought, "is already"). This argument is therefore omitted. Ok

2) What is clear is synonymous to man - from amateur perspective - with the picture quality is all happy and analyzes in detail the (technical) are splitting hairs. Ok

3) The much better equipment (Focus, Display, viewfinders, etc.) or the SR11. 12 would be an argument for the Sony, would not HR100 damn cheap for 549 to have ...

Conclusion: I would like to buy HR100 (solely because of low price + picture of a ext. Microfinance to come) and they operate s.einem tripod. And now I read this thread:


... and wonder if ü berhaupt one of the above cameras can operate in it or not are all too easily (esp. HR100?), because in addition to (existing) Tripod, I intend merely Glidecam out of the film: Do I need to because of the low Bastel weight on a solution? Is there no solution for lightweights? I have read here and none of Choice for the cameras would be a flop (my 1:))? Priorities: (suspended) stativ, image quality, ext. Micro.

Had class where jmd a statement. Thanks:


Antwort von Vokuhila:

my humble newbie opinion take the HV30

I have (unfortunately) is not synonymous to the professionals heard here and let me bländen of all the frills with all due respect ... no need Sau = (or perhaps still is very immature

I have been about 2 weeks the owner of a Canon HG20 with 24p and white of what Teibl = ((

Also a good equipment (in my opinion) what the hardware to cut concerns

AVCHD editing is (without much overhead) are currently indiskudabel synonymous with high current machines
Example: Processor problem Vegas Q = ((
The whole dilemma concerns synonymous with AVCHD Sony SR11 alla own products, 12 etc..

I want to here God's sake not advertise or otherwise make much less beautiful or ugly talk .. but as I said my "new" convey impressions

With the HV30 (which has as a Viewfinder) you have provided for years of fun ... and you can safely venture the carefree s.Projekte with AVCHD currently only mühseelig of the hand

My tip here listen to the professionals .. ich habs vermasselt

A rung Vokuhila

PS .. 2 weeks of no right to rescind because Ösi =)

Antwort von darg:

Already an interesting approach for a cam to match the Glidecam to ask :-) Also, you do not tinker s.der Cam auszutarieren everything, so no umlöten of assemblies or so .........

So, seriously. Just yesterday my Glidecam 2000 and immediately get the evening 'gebastelt. The thing is with my Canon HV20 and Canon WW Microphone and a few things I noticed here.
The base plate of the mag safe Glidecam toll, if you have a cam, which since dadrauf forever is installed. Is with me but not the case, ie, a quick release plate on it and needed a space to leverage freibeweglich keep.
The setup with the cam is quite complicated to make it really auszutarieren but it works. There are some messages on the net that even with quick release, a new setup each time has to be done, if only the cam off and was replaced. At the moment I have not seen problems yet but it is perhaps still to come. Sensitive is the system already.
Generally, it should be with all of your Choice Cams fold. Kommt halt depends on how you want to keep your workflow. AVCHD is even with few Scenes problematic if the code is a transfer of material into something more relaxed, however, Canon codes are quite good. As of the Sony If I do not know, I can perhaps others what to say.

Antwort von deti:

... and quite honestly, I would give me the money for a tripod of this kind of saving - these structures are no Steadicam! Here there is no decoupling in the Z-axis and so we see each step. In addition to the new ultra-lightweight camcorders, the problem of swinging, which is really seasick if you're watching is. Of course I understand the attraction and the Coolnessfaktor is synonymous here, but actually help these things almost nothing. Most improvements can probably be achieved by proper hold of your camcorder and peaceful walking.

... and if it really can not turn away, then would I have a Manfrotto ModoSteady 585 care - it costs less and you can still at least two other intended use for use ;-)

... and yet a word on AVCHD: Who patience and editing program will not overwhelm, the AVCHD files with almost no visible loss of quality in MPEG2 (eg 1920x1080i50 @ 35MBits / s) and convert it to Edit.


Antwort von dermarcelistdas:

erstmal s.euch both thanks for your extensive comment:) have been nothing else for hours, when after the next and reflect on between these 3 models to search for + all setup.

single issue of HV20/30 there was the geräuschkulisse of the tapes (no problem with prev ext. mic), see for example this nice discussion:

two good sources for samples on web-level (to see what's out at the back), I have yet found:
http://vimeo.com/videos/search:hv30 (or other request)

I found a bit lean these samples:

not that I thought would be standard-samples would be like "The Dark City" (BluRay), but discourages the first ---


all this led to the hv30 came back into consideration (just because: manual focus) & I confirms the frustrationsprophylaktische vokuhila perspective:)

below, my 180-degree approach should only mean that it "succeeded":) so the rear of the breast's will go, ok, I Fummel me for some silly shots synonymous the Gorillapod (for my D-SLR) in a round corner. " in any event, thank you for the warning! or ...

... deti: I was just in MM and asked the saleswoman if they glidec (r) have ams (naive), after it with a customer had to do, which wanted to know "whether the mini-dv is better than hd. in any event, they actually started looking s.zu and I had time, in a hv30 manual scrolling (39 euros) and there was (s.einen suction cup to attach the cam driver s.der and (b) the "Manfrotto ModoSteady 585 "(~ 140 EUR), Steadicam, etc. still expensive and no, they could provide me nothing, but you could reliably say that I am with the HV 30 s.manfrotto (sounds so dry) equal to" smooth-cool "results produce, as with the glidec (r) on (which I admittedly only pricked into the eye, as it is marketed well)?

as if something in rauskäme, I'd be very satisfied:

"Keep real quiet on the camcorder and go": this is a nice challenge (+ condition), about the way in a 1 / 30 sharp abzudrücken. we simply assume that I "on the chain-martial."


'm glad so many respond to have received. hv 30 + Manfrotto would be the current stand. The extra charge for the cam would be chosen by Manfrotto, ha (vs. Glidecam) compensated.

^ ^ You see, it works in me ...

thank you again:)

Antwort von domain:

If you have the illusion that such a system with all the problems of a restless camera work is done, then you can have these same times largely buried.
Each acceleration and deceleration of each centrifugal force in each curve brings the massive lower part of the pendulum from the lot and that is only with much practice and the use of the second hand (as in the photos of Glidecam 2000) to prohibit, or to correct them.

Antwort von deti:

The ModoSteady have been around for nearly 90 ¬. See

Antwort von darg:

"domain" wrote:
If you have the illusion that such a system with all the problems of a restless camera work is done, then you can have these same times largely buried.
Each acceleration and deceleration of each centrifugal force in each curve brings the massive lower part of the pendulum from the lot and that is only with much practice and the use of the second hand (as in the photos of Glidecam 2000) to prohibit, or to correct them.

Hhm, I did the thing the first time yesterday and tried out in direct comparison with / without Glidecam (and without the training s.der Any Glidecam) were the pictures with extremely quiet. Alleine has the greater weight and the other attitude bring much softer movements. I'm excited, but need more beer to the poor in Hebemuskeln to train :-)

Antwort von jogol:

Modosteady I did for my little HV10 gekauft.Entnervendes Gefriemel. Every time the camera s.and aufmontiert, adjust with the new working poor Fixierschrauben.Ein challenge or positive: Zenübung.
When lauesten breeze spins everything like hundreds of drunken Seemänner.Ich've made the shots look as if I was the back of depressed worden.Im house it then, but requires a lot of the missing mass Übung.Durch such systems are totally empfindlich.Bedenke the synonymous HV30 with thick Battery and aufgeschraubtem already have a wide intent Tacke too heavy for the Modosteady his könnte.Ich have the "package insert" but I've lost so 800 grams maximum weight in Erinnerung.Das only the tripod synonymous in this weight class still works well is probably The "Merlin" of Steadicam, which has its price.Irgendwas but synonymous to 900 ¬ rum.Denk times after about a monopod, which brings mass and can be good with two hands hold what is already a proper stability and etwasTraining synonymous with good " shot "possible macht.Außerdem you can actually use the tripod as synonymous, your audience will
you danken.Verwackelte HD images are awful.

Antwort von domain:

According to my experience you can Steadycam been synonymous with good results, if one takes in training and still no wind and it is also the time and patience keep each scene 2-3 times to repeat the adjustment and also changes every time, whether it because one man with or without intent wide films because one or several heavy batteries behind it, or whether because the display is opened or not. Yes, the weight of the already unfolded displays brings a light system in a certain angle.
All far too cumbersome and annoying, so s.damit in the box for things you have but no longer used.
Prove to be quite useful, however, by about 90 degrees abwinkelbare monopod. The gear but angled tripod on the shoulder can be and the times are so small and trembling Wobbler away, is already something like this as a shoulder camera.
Apart from a slight variation, I use if it is serious work, my Giottoeinbeinstativ with the Manfrotto 501 head on it. Below it is a folding clasp for the top climbing, but it is synonymous abwinkeln on the shoulder and put in a special variant of the bracket with the Eiger video on the shoulder, while the left hand end of the tripod height in belt holds.
Has also been a fairly respectable total weight, but not unpleasantly hard.

Antwort von darg:

The weight on top of Cam plays an enormous role. For my HV20 with WW, etc. All seems to work just so. I make just a few attempts with a little more weight on top or directly under the cam. Hope that a little more weight makes the whole stable. Will report back ....

Antwort von dermarcelistdas:

I (smooth filming)

When I read through the postings, it is clear that the shooting on Sneakers (movements) will be difficult with money + After throwing out is not easy. I see above already hints as 1-leg Tripod + shoulder etc, which I like very well. It is clear, in any case, that any "control" must be there and I see at least the Manfrotto 585 respectively in the race. the above proposals.

Today get this info:
Soon, there is also a Glidecam 1000 for lighter cameras (which s.der Fummelei nothing will change). A pity that the price does not adjust.

To what Gleitcreme to help:

This shows someone who at least as short trips Glidecam camera-like with a simple tripod can be carried out. Is probably already known to all. Good, I think of the main deti "Coolnessfaktor" here is not an end in itself is. 1 meter and is well, wonderful.

II (freehand)

That handheld seems a lot is possible, so you can see here:

III (Wide)

In this hv20.com forum signatures fell on me, in which users in addition to still camera model XYZ + adapter (more precisely: "35 mm", "Handy35") + Fixed Focal XYZ mentioned. The arrests were definitely burning lengths from the (D) SLR range. For example, EF (Canon) or AF-D (Nikon). Can the harness (in my case, the "Nikko" 20, 50, 85)? Example:

IV (engine noise HV30)

Just another discovery:

I admit that makes me crazy (assuming I'm doing an interview by Tripod from office in a closed ...) & the HF100 in order to re-eligible. Or is it guaranteed that, for example, a Rode Videomic this Tondreck at 0dB brings? Which (dir-) Microfinance can it?

Antwort von domain:

More emphasis will be sure the whole thing more stable. It transforms the pharmacist scales in their sensitivity, as it were in a kitchen scale. With professional equipment is the total weight in relation to the wind attack area quite well and the general inertia of course synonymous.
That under these conditions and with specially trained cameramen can work so you can see everywhere.

Antwort von deti:

Tripod from the DIY store for less than 10 ¬.

Is good for all ground-level actions - is not a substitute for a real Steadicam!

- Klemmzwinge 8 ¬
- Rohrsolierung 1 ¬

- Pipe insulation to the proper length and cut to the ferrule plug,
- Camera Clamp.

Operating Instructions:
- For shooting as far above s.der pipe insulation touch.

As far as relating to: it may be synonymous gebastelt, even when it's used only for amusement ;-).


Antwort von domain:

Great solution ;-))
And do not forget the beautiful notes Klemmzwinge attract, so that the camera wobbles and falls out.
Exactly the same effect may incidentally synonymous with achieving a monopod (camera hangs upside down to the bottom), then when the Picture in the NLE in the 180 degree turns.

Antwort von dermarcelistdas:

This (or similar) solution is me "sort of" shooting from her familiar:)

Would of course ideal if you use the accessories could be next (1-leg, tripod, etc.). Camera now weighs more than so 'ne HD Cam. If jmd posts yet, he could perhaps an indication of possible adapter type (EDIT: maybe it is the same gland, sry) ...

Antwort von darg:

The idea with the monopod or tripod, I had pursued synonymous but the results that I've achieved so were not really satisfactory.
What is striking with that step with the Glidecam vibrations very well away, while they stand in the solution still quite strong to be seen.
I think the grip position of the Glidecam is the better approach.
I was synonymous with tripod and a leg at 90 ° abgespreizt worked, what the variations from the picture but took steps were still there, synonymous straight on a level surface. With the Glidecam are themselves untrained away. What you must practice the leadership of the pan with Cam.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

I film with

Antwort von domain:

Because you realize that you're technicians Bruno. Compliment, very clean solution.
On the idea of reducing the weight by balancing the vertical around verdrehbar fix to be able to, I do not come. For me there are two Tariergewichte in 90-degree angle. In addition, there are for me synonymous Gimbal a solution.
On the idea of a hydraulic damping was synonymous, I have come. Where did you come from?

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Shock of a larger model cars ...

Antwort von RickyMartini:

"Vokuhila" wrote:
AVCHD editing is (without much overhead) are currently indiskudabel synonymous with high current machines
Example: Processor problem Vegas Q = ((
The whole dilemma concerns synonymous with AVCHD Sony SR11 alla own products, 12 etc..

With the HV30 (which has as a Viewfinder) you have provided for years of fun ... and you can safely venture the carefree s.Projekte with AVCHD currently only mühseelig of the hand

Since the late 90s, I work with nonlinear editing systems and therefore put greatest emphasis on a fluid workflow. Therefore, I can say that MPEG-2 HD and AVCHD with the Canopus HQ codec as simple and clean cut, like DV synonymous.
Edius NEO is in condition, but financially it should not be a problem, nor the very large plate, the 5 times of the DV data volume must contain.

From native HDV editing, I believe that just as the native AVCHD editing - as tough as hard rubber!

Antwort von domain:

"Bruno Peter" wrote:

The part is ruck-zuck s.der Camera, the trim is a cinch.

In this I have a suggestion for improvement Bruno: the adjustment of the Tariergewichtes I was not using locking screws, but with rotating Rändelrädern with gear on pinion or worm and rack for the side angle adjustment.
Then see the point when adjusting this: rear Einstellrädchen directly s.Gewicht press for the desired vertical inclination angle (from the ground up to the sky) and a small s.vorderen wheel rotation for the horizontal adjustment.
Did you actually three of the shock model cars at an angle of 120 degrees is used, as it would correspond to the theory?

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

From native HDV editing, I believe that just as the native AVCHD editing - as tough as hard rubber!

This is true at least not to HDV, except you try the material with the C64 to edit ...

Between HDV and AVCHD is roughly as the factor of 3 on the deployed PC ... Power can therefore equate garnicht.

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