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Frage von fabstyle:

I want to play a movie of HDV via USB stick on a LCD (Phillips 47 "5000 series).

The following format is designed to support the LCD according to Manual:


I have already erstelllt in Premiere CS3, some variants such as 1080i HDTV, but I always get out instead of just nen m2v mpeg.

What do I do wrong? Please help!


Antwort von RickyMartini:

The multiplexing is not set correctly, so you will receive a picture - and an audio file (Elementary Streams) instead of a single file (or program transport stream).


Antwort von fabstyle:

Ok, that's good!

Did forget to mention that my film has no soundtrack. That's why I do not synonymous Export (Audio checkmark do not want to set).

Could not know that, so no real mpg file can be generated.

A mpeg extension can only be created in Premiere, when audio and video sources are exported together. Otherwise Premiere produces only the transport stream (m2v), which can not be played on nem normal playback medium.

Thank RickyMartini hope this helps others solve problems at some point again!


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