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Forward - Ein Kurzfilm zum Thema Bewegung

Forward - A short film relating to movement

Frage von Spielkind:
Januar 2011

Today, a short film is finished, I made together with a buddy.

Assigned topic was "movement", otherwise we had a free hand.

The outcomes were achieved:

As you can see we probably are not professionals and were synonymous not claim to deliver a perfect film, but it would appreciate a few tips and reviews of to get you, so there is always a little better. :-)
Two or three errors and bad cuts are synonymous struck me already, but unfortunately could not be reworked, so in my view, made after most of it ^ ^

Thanks in advance!

Antwort von Spielkind:

None wants to give me feedback? :-)

Antwort von jwd96:

Sorry, but I do not understand the message of the film altogether. A person running. that's it?
If I have since not understand something, please explain it to me (:

otherwise .. something strange color grading

Antwort von glider_pilot:

I see synonymous only 3 minutes, running legs ...

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Since her move with scooter or quad?

Otherwise, the action or the "statement" some sense free ...

Tell therefore rather time as you have made it - thanks.

B. DeKid

Antwort von domain:

For a movie it is not at all important, the significance and impact it has on themselves, but what effect it has on strangers, unless it is shown to them at all. You have to learn to speak, play a critical external perspective.
In recent days, there were many retrospectives of Bernd Eichinger. The main conclusion drawn by many others of him was synonymous, that each film with the script starts and indeed must tie one hand, the Book of the first to the last scene, there must be a tension, which diminishes never, in other words, a drama.
After each scene, the viewer must ask the question, how should it go well and play often unexpected twists and big emotions is crucial.
Do you think you can meet these requirements?

Antwort von DWUA:

Synonymous interesting question would be, as one can come of "child play" in Bernd Eichinger.


Antwort von domain:

At the film has to do everything with all synonymous any abstruse analogy is acceptable and synonymous to believe that playing child really wanted to be at least a Russ Meyer, but not the subject here, but only of the intention of the exciting volition and of improving the world of thought, seen and in respect Smallest dramatic progress, with which we tried to express that even quite a brain efforts are necessary to our world and indeed to do all by itself, but in fact improve synonymous Great. The evil comes from Lucifer, the light sources and means in fact the salvation of our world, if it were there not throw the small minds that the nebulous announcements of various warlock not follow quite and practice exactly nothing to the contrary, but basically the real salvation of our planet means.
Am I clear enough?

Antwort von Spielkind:

Hello and Thanks in advance for your contributions!
Once it comes to mind: We wanted to give the film really does not make much sense. As I said, it was about the concept of movement. We have rotated movement and later tried on average, interpretations can be freely particular by the arrangement of the scenes.

The rotor runs in the direction from which two people with your dog running through fields in some "urban" area and the film ends by running into anything. Whether one wants to worry because / can be any exemption. We had no intention, we wanted to convey, but we wanted to give the viewer the freedom to wonder. The most important thing is: It was about the issue of movement - the core should actually no big story to be told. Sorry that I have not done this in the first post so clear.

The reason for me to feel in the tips that I would like to receive more about the technology. The sections are well done - the scenes fit together - what do you think of the unusual color grading in connection with this a little dirty / damaged music etc?

@ B. DeKid:
We have the whole with a Panasonic AG HMC151 rotated. No scooter and not a quad, but with the car. I flipped back in my van, the rear seats, so you could put in the back. Then out of the boot out the camera kept relatively close to the ground and filmed. In the scenes where you see the legs of an angle in front, we have herausgefilmt from the rear side door.
Then editing with Final Cut Pro.

@ Domain:
No, of course, I meet these requirements, which you mentioned do not. Therefore I ask here for tips yes, so it is just always a little better. That I should learn a critical external view is definitely schonmal a good tip I am going to take to heart. The fact that the scenes have to tie true, of course synonymous - as I find synonymous with no story. There must be enough variety and tension. I was hoping that I do in this film in particular can be downloaded from the Music.

I look forward to more articles! :-)

Best regards,

Antwort von DWUA:

"Domain" wrote:

Am I clear enough?

Nope, quite the contrary.

Join it please your thoughts about your general attitude to the Film
and the amateur clips specially in the forum does not necessarily here
constantly as wide.

A little tip:
OT in a separate thread to open your favorite subject:

Why does one of today's young people increased only
Violent videos while me in a bar of chocolate, whose age
would have been happy?
Or so.


Antwort von domain:

"DWUA" wrote:
"Domain" wrote:

Am I clear enough?

Nope, quite the contrary.

Join it please your thoughts about your general attitude to the Film
and the amateur clips specially in the forum does not necessarily here
constantly as wide.

So first, even with sausage is quite what you're saying, but together with the happy synonymous Sun herumschwafelnden Axel would be an OT section probably a good idea. War and synonymous'm more interested s.Technical things and all my posts lately are only temporary solutions in the absence of appropriate personal video-problems that will arise but certainly again and although still image with 4:2:2 10-bit recording conjunction with a suitable PC and NLE.

Antwort von DWUA:

"Domain" wrote:
... War and synonymous'm more interested s.Technical things and all my posts lately are only temporary solutions in the absence of appropriate personal video-problems that will arise but certainly again and although still image with 4:2:2 10-bit recording conjunction with a suitable PC and NLE.

What then?


Antwort von domain:

Then comes the sweet death and my much younger partner can be with tears in her eyes (acceptance) of all the wonderful trips and other experiences with video support recall.
Basically, I've already exceeded the best age. Eichinger dramaturge could synonymous optimize his departure at the right time ;-)
As an old decrepit Tattel he will stay with us never forget.

Antwort von Axel:

As the Shrek donkey cries of: "If you see a white light: NOT zugehn it!"
Or as the star shouted, as awful to its live concert I dragged my friend from school? Do not pay the ferryman!
You're not even hear the bells?

When an obituary is held: Mobile set to vibrate. At the funeral oration for Inspector Clouseau, held of him hating his boss, thinking abnormal, .

Antwort von domain:

"Axel" wrote:

You're not even hear the bells?

But it has certainly Axel, for quite some time, but your linking me as once again laugh, thank you ....

Antwort von DWUA:


"The old Tattel"
That would be exactly the right topic for that aforementioned OT.

As a stubborn goat who in old age is still stubborn,
whether you indulged your self-earned charity yes ...

What may come of you in the next ~ 20 years ...?
Furthermore, just grumble at a low level?
Adding it as a measure your "wisdom" of you give to them
beginners to throw spanners in the works?

Good that you have no teacher any more.
Fortunately for those who have survived up obviously.
Thou hast an advantage .. you have Eichinger survived.
But do 'to you because not even bother.

>> An OT was set up especially for you:
(This is not the same of you newbies are made to sow).
"Wisdom" and / or / to / for "age stubbornness."


Antwort von domain:

Charmant DWUA :-))
It was fortunate that in old age, actually all of a bounce and you know who and what might be called to analyze pretend should mentor young people and specifically young men who so recently been so solitary, chummy and self-sufficient occur.

There are few things in life that are very useful and pleasurable at the same time functions. But apart of the darkened by Tits career Russ Meyer is truly one of the few who very much understood of Film. If you have figured this director, then you quickly gain of (male) desires, of fairy tales and illusions of understanding ....
Recently we saw way too much extremely brave young men and very boring movies.
Jung's analysis, even Russ Meyer in his Optics (lighting and Kadrage), in his concerns and his dramaturgy. One copy must not know everything and have not synonymous wrecking his obsession, but you will have a better teacher you can not find on the fly.

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