Infoseite // From 4:3 to 16:9 with Studio11.1

Frage von hellium:

I just do not come with the Studio 11 clear. I have here an inferior to the tv captcha practice just so good.
512 x 384 pixel, it is according to the properties file. So true 4:3!
this should now be transformed to 16:9. Theoretically, this means that above and below visual information and in effect take away something zooms.
I have it here first, because I want as much top down and take away. this is strangely similar to losses in the probes come to be me but this operation does not interfere, since it is only a test.
As the war because I am out with the pinnacle ding?


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

If you like the zoom function lost?


Antwort von hellium:

very funny! I do not want me in the margins 16:9 P. ..

So first make margins and then in the 19:9 film the margins wezoomen?
I have no gray cells 4:3 to 16:9 conversions after because istz me ne blockade. bitte mal ne anleitung briefly what you must do something so I better have before my eyes PLEASE. Thank you.

I've now zoomed times with his plugin and then with 768x432 So 1:1,7 output. Looks great, but is not recognized as 4:3. Why not like war and I need ichdas out and about?

Why so difficult to make? I've now just 4:3 video to 4:3 in the 16:9 Project, where and with nem filter zoomed. What will I do more? Oh man, rarely so ne long line. Is it possible to delete is almost embarrassing when you do not know that I have about 31 hours awake bin .... * * kopfschüttel

Edit for my ego:
Quite so stupid but it was not because I was never in 16:9 project, ERGO, I was able to zoom in as I wanted, did not know what s.ende rauskommt. Even with the setting to encode came in a more efficient out of 1.7, but still 4:3. So you can not solve without a scale of 4:3 in a project is not present. I shall go to sleep.


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