Infoseite // From Cinema4D R10 to Debut in 16:9

Frage von AForse:

Hello together!

If you have a film in Cinema4D exported (D1 PAL 720x576 format, pixels 1.42: 1) a 16:9 aspect ratio to be achieved, will premiere the film in a 16:9 project back to 4:3 squashed. Although I may have him back on the Width pull, but would like a quality reasons urgently avoided. The media player displays the movie correctly in 16:9, but not the premiere eats.

I assume that the fault lies somewhere in the export settings of C4D. Is there perhaps someone has experience?

After browsing the forums of many contributions I could not find the answer.

Thanks and regards,



Antwort von robbie:

of 16:9-flag in the file is missing.

in premiere: right click on the file in the file window, filmaterial interpret-dv pal widescreen.


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