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Frage von kiki11:


who can help me: I have a scene of a DVD and extract in an MPEG or AVI - convert file, so that in a PowerPoint presentation can be inserted.
Over several detours, I have done it already, but the loss of quality so bad that you look at the scenario on the screen can not really watch (and will do everything with s.Ende Beamer transferred ...)... there is a direct path to solve the problem so that the quality is maintained?
Thanks for your help!


Antwort von Gast 0815:

MPEG-2 would be for quality reasons to Avi preferable. One possible way would be for example, with freeware: Vob files to DVD in DGindex ( invite, Sound and Picture in separate files then save them in Mpeg2schnitt ( trim, and finally with mplex (Mpeg2schnitt could be attached, otherwise google then ) Sound / Picture to a Mpeg-2 file join.

Greetings from Marburg


Antwort von sarasocke:

Thank you first for help. I tried these steps but to pursue the latest s.dem separate audio - video store went wrong again and again ... there is a simpler way to convert the files? Or you can viell. me once again explain the exact steps?
Or it would be easier from a mp4 file to an mp2 do? Converting in mp4 has worked ....
helpless Greetings!


Antwort von Kenobi:

I have the same problem. Have you now found a simpler way to create a dvd, the audio-visual files and is split into mpeg convert?


Antwort von mikaelo:

With Nero 8 you can convert VOB files to MPEG 2, convert fairly quickly and easily, gibts synonymous than 30 days test version on the Internet!


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