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Von Camcorder auf DVD

From camcorder to DVD

Frage von Tellis:
Oktober 2005

the contribution of Jenny24 "HELP! How do I get my video camera recording to DVD?" I have read through and made synonymous to what was in the answers in it, but not help me.

What I want: burn the recording of my Sony DCR-HC17E on a blank DVD with as little quality loss, so I can play it on my DVD player.

When I am with "Movie Maker" save the recording on PC, always comes out a *- wmv file and not DV or something! And this unfortunately I can not convert file with "TMPGEnc" to a format which recognize DVD burning Programs and burn it smoothly on 'nen blank. Since it is something like "File error!"

Long story short, I wanted to tell more about my problems, but that's nothing.
How can I get simple and practical in simple terms my recording on a blank DVD. Have Nero, CloneDVD, TMPGEnc.
Asking for any advice.

Antwort von Jan:

Hello Tellis,

Programs would probably best for Mac's DVD Studio Pro 3 or PC's Encore DVD 1.5, unfortunately, they are more expensive than your camera.

A very inexpensive program with attractive authoring quality would Magix Movies on CD & DVD 4 for about 30 ¬ I would try once, if it needs to be favorable.

The question is just always what the codec is good, there's not much to expect for WMM.


Antwort von jens:

Want to cut to edit your movies really synonymous (, burn, etc.) or really just on DVD?

(You synonymous with

Antwort von Stefan:

Buyer you the version 2 (currently 2.1) from Movie Maker. Are there free of Micro $ oft. This can be synonymous to export DV AVI.

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Tellis:

To Jens: "(You can encode synonymous with Scenalyzer capture, with TMPEG + burn with Nero on DVD)"
Scenalyzer captured well, but spits out avi files and TMPGEnc can not encode this definitely!
How do I make AVI files, MPEG2 files??

The video should be in a format which rausgespuckt NERO and Clone DVD RECOGNIZE can be so I can finally burn it just to 'ne DVD, because I can copy it to VHS synonymous but I have no more to the Bock Kack quality of VHS And after years of getting worse.
NERO says it will only the following files: *. bup, *. vob, *. ifo. So that's now a surprise for you??

Please tell me how easy it can make it easy and No, I do not s.Film rumschneiden am s.verzweifeln ...

Antwort von wolfgang:

Perhaps you can help this a little:


Antwort von jens:

"Tellis" wrote:

Scenalyzer captured well, but spits out avi files and TMPGEnc can not encode this definitely!

Before you despair, better get busy with something the matter! Then you will not despair synonymous ;-)

Have you TMPGEnc schonmal closer look? Why do you think this program is t enc MPG?

Maybe you're the English / French not powerful, so you can, for example, synonymous here next article:

Antwort von Tellis:

You're wrong boy, of the English Language, I am strong enough, probably more than you
avi files can encode the net.
Man, you have to make the simplest things always the most complicated, even inventing all sorts of abbreviations and says all's have to understand ....

Antwort von Stefan:

Slowly, before someone is injured ...

100% of the Movie Maker 2 can output AVI files. The pot can be synonymous reins in TMPGENC.

The Movie Maker 2 ünterstützt synonymous direct DVD production, if third-party software is installed. What third party software works together with moviemaker 2, one can hachlesen on Bill's website.

With your board means you come sailing synonymous even next ...

100% of TMPGENC can encode AVI files into MPEG files. Always goes MPEG1, MPEG2 the first time after installation, and later with serial number.

If you AVI files from the reins Scenalyzer can not pot in TMPGENC is something s.deiner TMPGENC installation lazy. This is in fact normal.

The point is to correct for options-> Environmental settings-> VFAPI plugin. Here are the different import modules of TMPGENC be managed. The import module for AVIs is blocked by your TMPGENV.

(Probably crystal ball is cloudy plenty), it is an AVI Type 1 / Type 2 / OpenDML problem .... The false import module jumps on your AVI. You can try switching off by a "more enlightened" module to activate another module.

And newer versions of NERO can convert MPEG files DVDs. In NERO it is a way synonymous nachzukaufenden MPEG encoder, so you TMPGENC not necessarily need.

Only the newer versions have installed NERO DVD authoring features to MPEG directly from authors DVDs. Do you have an older version then you need to switch to a different DVD drive ring program. CladDVD I know only by name - can put together the MPEG files from a DVD?

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Tellis:

Sorry Jens, my mistake, but actually not synonymous, because I think it speaks of "TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6"
But with "TMPGEnc 2.5" is, yes!
And Stefan, you're right mpeg1 always goes "" 2 but not ...
And I want but have MPEG 2, better quality, have not otherwise to DVD Burners.

Antwort von Stefan:

Well, then spend some coal and buy you a serial number for an MPEG2 encoder. Or you supply them in a freeware MPEG2 encoder links (there are at www.doom9.net and www.videohelp.com).

If you use TMPGEnc DVD Author, prepare your TMPGEnc MPEG encoder for the XPress version. Which costs U.S. $ 58 and fits well with TMPGEnc DVD Author program.

You can synonymous, the stripped-Encoder version TMPGEnc DVD Source Creator 2.0 and still get save something. For this vision you need to make sure that you only type-2 DV AVI files have (others will not read this encoder want to encode) and only for MPEG2. Costs 39 U.S. $

Or do you prefer the old but still good "pros" version. The time now is be low at $ 37.

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Udo Schröer:

You should get the video after you dip it with the Movie Maker as DV AVI saved onto the hard drive. You can convert this file into a mpg with TMPGEnc 2nd This file but you can not burn to a DVD but it still needs to be drawn from the DVD strucktur. I do this with Studio 9, but it should give the freeware synonymous to do it.

Antwort von Tellis:

It worked!
I could burn my 60-minute video of your camcorder to DVD. Super quality, almost like auf'm the camera tape, is just as good.
1. With the capture Scenalyzer
2. By converting TMPEG
3. Reconversion With IfoEdit, so that it recognizes NERO
4. Burn

But is there any freeware to capture, namely, every few seconds had the "Register-fade" ...

Antwort von jens:

Well since we're all happy ;-)


Antwort von Tellis:

Thanks Jens for WinDV, but how do I control that comes out s.end only one file??

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