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Frage von alien:


ich hab da mal ne question:

I try from single images (JPG 3388 x 2592, Canon Eos 400) to produce a video that I will next edit and burn to DVD can. I would like to make 16:9 DVD. 25 frames / sec.

My box:
2x Dual Core 1.8 Petium
Geforce 7600 GT
1 GB Ram

As I said in this forum have found nothing similar times than I dare newbie here NEN new opening theme.

I've already tried a lot.

HHMM 3.7 SlideShow Movie Maker.
Is very nice, but with black bars to 720x576 Picture purely and "simulated" 16:9. Image quality and codec choice, however, is actually quite good.

Premiere Elements import:
so far as to work quite well but unfortunately the editing of individual sequences rather "buggies". After 6 min, the only movie jerky, although I actually did an adequate crate. How then only with 80 min? The rendering of the various sequences, only to watch it always takes forever and is not very comfortable. Effects I do not talk.

understand so I do not really, but if one could explain to me how I can do.
Self-produced DVD of Liquid-Liquid MPGS Kotte not import. Is because I only have 10 demo version?
Have read somewhere with After Effects does it?
Again, I would be glad to any tips.

Unfortunately I know too little of. Perhaps someone here knows how to enable lossless image on DVD (synonymous DVD9) can capture.

Thank you



Antwort von Markus:

"alien" wrote: Have read somewhere with After Effects does it?
Sure, but are synonymous AE 3388 × 2592 pixels @ 25 fps in real time. You could downkonvertieren But that resolution and then with a video editing program to work.

"alien" wrote: ... how to enable lossless image on DVD (synonymous DVD9) can capture
The best possible resolution of the DVD video is supported, are 720 × 576 pixels @ 25 fps (ie, PAL). Or do you mean a DVD-ROM (= pure data DVD) which only runs s.Computer?


Antwort von edi:

no. just as I am. video dvd. Thank you


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