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Frage von legria:

I want products filming on a turntable. It is important that we at the Camera White can make a balance and can adjust the light sensitivity. The white background should be bright and shining white, the product is to look good.

Which camera would you recommend. Happy little cheaper than 1000 Euros. But up to 2000 ¬ synonymous recommendations are interesting for me. What are the differences?


Antwort von Jott:

You can take anything that allows manual adjustments: for Aperture, White Balance and focus. That's synonymous already below 1,000 EUR. More or less fiddly halt. Without fumbling s.vielleicht only EUR 3,000.

There you have - according to another thread - Final Cut Pro, have a look very closely at the JVC GY-HM100. Reason: can include Quicktime files, just purely going on in Final Cut Pro and you go, without any change.


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