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Frage von ironhan:


and although I would generally ask a few:

Situation: We are about to shoot a little documentary film. Facilities (rent): EX-1, Software: Final Cut Pro 6 Pro, iMac 27 "I5, directional microphone, etc. We will take in full hd.

My question / problem:

I had so far, in my projects, always after I have cut done, with the compressor in the appropriate format (DVD 90, 120 min, etc.) compressed. In my projects, it is synonymous not have been so bad (quality) as I record synonymous with an HDV cam that does not Full HD Resolutionhat.

To me it is now important that the quality of HD recording, I do not lose by the Compressor. How can I make the s.besten? What should I do? I think that I somehow cut the Project, after, must take it? As for here is the procedure? We would like to demonstrate this Project synonymous. Therefore I need to somehow synonymous to change to a standard format, right?

Would be really great of you if you could help me next.



Antwort von WoWu:

Basically, the best solution to cut in native format and to convert only the final product in a (possibly) different target formats and transfer them to the disk that is arranged as a transfer format.
In the EX1 is a problem, because it is a fairly simple codec.

You write just a little demonstration of .... the next is of course a term that includes everything possible ... a few more details would help.


Antwort von ironhan:

many thanks WoWu.

I will cut exactly synonymous in native form.

But what I do not know what I would have to take the target format, so I have no loss of quality?

weill now when I take the standard DVD format in Compressor, so I can not resolve HD s.Ende or more?

Screening: is played in a such a small movies that with a DVD player and Bluray player is equipped,. Of course I can connect my laptop is synonymous synonymous feasible. But what would you recommend?

thank you once again


Antwort von WoWu:

If you can connect the laptop, you've from the native material, of course, always the best solution.
DVD is eliminated, BR is synonymous limited in size to 1080i25 or 720p50.

The two formats I would burn to the sample times on BR schau'n and how the quality is. That depends on the encoder.


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