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Frage von stoffelchen:


I'm totally inexperienced and unfortunately have to say absolutely no idea of vidios and digital video cameras. I have looked at recently issued a recommendation SonyHDR SR12 purchased. With the camera as far as I am fine and it has a chance synonymous a huge hard drive, because I have absolutely no idea what I need to send the data to my hard drive to get. So when I connect it via cable to find numerous video files. I think there are 3 different file types but, as I then do to me or the video to view the Calculator or decency to be able to save, which I unfortunately do not. what should I do with the data now to make it on the PC to be able, or to a DVD in a standard format to save them.

Thanks for any help



Antwort von tommyb:

On the computer you can copy the data as normal of a hard drive to another.

To do this you need only the data on the hard drive of your camcorder is somewhere on the hard drive copy of your calculator (yes: Copy> Paste).

For the rest, please consult the manual of your camera. It is synonymous sure what all that for data.

To "make DVD" I would be a simple video editing program, as eg, one of Magix. Only those files, it should support it.


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