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analoges Vollformat oder vergleichbare minidv - Eine Kostenfrage...

Full analog or comparable MiniDV - A question of cost ...

Frage von zoolander:
Mai 2007

Hello everybody!
After some time I just am a reader, it's now time for the first post.
Practically "course of study" and learn to search I get a camera with many manual controls.
So: It is not only holiday party or filmed, but ambitious.
The negative, I should mention synonymous: Student and Money ... jaja
That's why I schreck synonymous back to me for 300 euro is a MiniDV to buy s.der virtually nothing I can cope with Tripod and only can make nice pictures ...
Important to me are just playing around with focus shift, Mic Input, a possible large equipment without a double-and triple-occupied buttons, Henkel.
And with these criteria, we are already at least 1500 euro arrived :-(
Image quality is first secondary - the main one can be creative and practice, practice, practice.
How is it with an old SVHS or Hi8/video8 shoulder camera?
About this, I am in my search gestolpert:

The manual options are there ... but certainly better then the Picture via analog-digital converter on the calculator and with avid editing.
Full What cameras can you advise me otherwise? How much should they be?
Is there MiniDV cameras on the lower / medium price segment, but perhaps I could call into question?

I now Nibblers s.diesem topic for weeks and am grateful for every tip!
bye, Zoolander

Antwort von videostar:


I have a few years ago started synonymous times ...
After countless hours of material with small VHS-C camera had filmed, I wanted what necessarily synonymous greater.
My dream camera then, ne SonyBVW300P was ca.19.500DM me (of course, used) is still "something" is too expensive ... especially because it alone with the camera is definitely not done! So I looked at the first "Apprentice wage ne used JVC GY X1 gekauft.Die is your kind of / BetacamSP handling a very similarly, but was high in spite of four affordable price.
The Camera has exactly what you are looking for safe synonymous, ne 1/2Zoll Optics course without autofocus, the classical-ND filter, manual white balance, etc. As with all its "great." Exactly what I wanted to have.
Also in conjunction with DV cameras, the professional S-VHS quality mithalten.Sofern you really like the material captured in the PC.
Only called "professional" usually synonymous professional Prices ... I have the latest in Batteries noticed that mitgekauften have been used forever and of course, soon over. Experiments with single cells from electronics shop ended "very moist" precisely when they ran fourth time to load from the Charger! So, I took the pro-dealer, at least at a super-friendly price, a new Charger and bought new batteries (four digits again ...) The new battery had ne other type, so synonymous, the new Charger.
Da ne Camera Tripod without dung is of course, was the equal to the nächste.Nur weighs the Camera with Batteries and around just under 7 pounds, so there must be something bigger and Vinten sein.Sachtler was too expensive, so I then bought Manfrotto (synonymous and it would always do)! With this compilation, I have filmed so much and what you learned with a "professional" Cam can do everything wrong, but I wanted so!
By the time I went there myself more and more on the "cookie" to be constantly turned on stupid werden.Egal appear where you will be viewed stupid and asked what we macht.Krönung had a word battle with the manager of a construction delay of the rotated material wanted and with the police drohte.Das everything private because I wanted to film what would be with the small camera never noticed.
I think it's just embarrassing now home with a large shoulder camera filmen.Das looks as if one of the television if we look closely, it is S-VHS! (Even if pro-S-VHS is not directly with the amateur format should equate). Embarrassing failure is of course if it would be Beta SP, or you on behalf of what films, only privately, I avoid it like that.
Some time later I still ne SonyD8 purchased as Zweitcam / Zuspieler.Die extreme maneuverability, rapid deployment and pretty good image quality make me now again and again to draw D8 ...
Also, the "new" Batteries not because of the daily operations are no longer the full performance, since I would once again nachkaufen.Vor only a few days, I have the X1 again decomposed
because it sometimes produces false, that is probably the electrolytic capacitors are defective. The times I would now like austauschen.Sollte the hinhauen I'll see if I once again so movies, somehow makes it quite fun with the big ...

What I have with this endless text eigendlich wished to say:

Just as you write floats you sure a pro-part before! Make despite the tempting E. .. ay-Prices are not the fault scrap ne maturity Beta SP or Professional S-VHS Camera to buy the consequences are real enorm.Wenn then the film with its neighbor 400 Euro Mini-DV Camera makes better photos is somehow annoying.
I have not synonymous but can not dissuade S-VHS to buy even though I had money for the already super ne 3CCD mini-DV will hätte.Mir was synonymous's to learn and I would do it again!

GY X1, there is always at E. .. ay. as a precaution but said 90% is scrap ...

Ne ne super alternative is SonyEVW 300P, which has 700 lines, and is still light sensitive than the X1. (The X1 is already clear as Lichtemfpindlicher ne amateur DV).
The EVW is not professional and Hi8 just yet affordable.
But there are still synonymous Batteries Tripod and a larger d

Antwort von zoolander:

Wow, thank you for your interest and for the detailed answer!
Ne small VHS-C, I still synonymous (for 10 years but no longer used).
Noticed is a big man with camera in any case.
It should not even be a shoulder camera, at least one handle should / must have.
"The camera has exactly what you are looking for safe synonymous, ne 1/2Zoll Optics course without autofocus, the classical-ND filter, manual white balance, etc. As with all its" great "."

That's it. the possibilities you have in your D8 but no more, right?
Perhaps something about the background:
Career goal is an editor, journalist s.besten video - so I know both worlds and can later synonymous.
A cameraman of friends, the daily on BetaSP filming me, then could the basics beibringen.Eben the basics for which I have a ~ $ 500 MiniDV ever would have no chance.
Synonymous Unfortunately I must admit that my money now for a JVC is not enough.
Sure, I thought the first s.ebay, is virtually synonymous, the only way without s.ein device contacts to come.
Because of "outdated" technology, I wanted synonymous maximum of 300 ¬ to spend, since a subsequent purchase of a large MiniDV indeed planned, but mom. unfortunately not yet possible.
Ne Beta Sp I schliesse of from the outset, because of the additional costs for recorder and player.
The goal is just with few means a lot to learn ...

Antwort von FelixBernhard:


@ D8: No, the camera has manual options is synonymous but
clearly a Amateurgerät.Trotz all automatics is the image quality
synonymous with little adjustment absolutely OK. This can be much more spontaneous drehen.Hat all its advantages.

@ ebay: I wanted to now not all the old Cam's criticism, as synonymous, there's certainly still very good parts (and even buy parts at Ebay synonymous), the probability is just scrap to get hold very hoch.Dieses risk but did you synonymous with normal private sale, equipment aging synonymous halt without which they are used ...

@ 300 ¬: This would possibly for Optics rich old ne ... The Prices for zb. ne V5000 now I know not, but that is synonymous still asked and therefore more expensive.

Although I am not a professional: the technology is not everything, content, image design / drama, etc. are more important eigendlich ...
Since you are with its Mini-DV to learn but maybe even better served.

If I'm not by coincidence, Cam do I sign up again!

Many greetings

Antwort von Quadruplex:

"Anonymous" wrote:

In the "possibilities" and "Apostrophenquälerei 2: The plural-apostrophe" after reading ...

Antwort von FelixBernhard:

@ Quadruplex: If the spelling is more important than the content ...

I thought I would be here because of my text content "torn apart" ... if there was only this word is, I'm satisfied.

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