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Frage von rickdeckard:

Hi, this topic is full screen and interlaced s.sich known to me, but still a book with seven seals.
Because I had on my last project a lot of trouble with the interlaced images of my Canon XM2, I my current project was recorded in the extra frame mode (full screen).

When creating the premiere project I had foolishly chosen PAL - which of course has led back to interlaced mode in the entire Project.
Had I been the clear good time, I had the easy shots again from the camcorder to a new project - without PAL - then added in progressive scan.
Unfortunately, I have already completed 50% of my cut in places and only now find that there are stairs for all movements in the Picture and the ugly interlaced strips.

I can not now start again of the front because I was working out for weeks.
Attempts in the Halbbildoptionen the individual clips that led to the strips were indeed reduced, but now is the Picture mushy.
Also, a new progressive project with the import of the PAL project did not lead to an improvement. Now I have a true full-screen project, but the video was so still then entered in a Field Project and are even now available in fields!

Can we somehow convert the original clip on the hard drive still in full as if they were included in full screen??
And that would even make sense? Perhaps the images on the PC are now so easy even of inferior quality?

Important: with recording in full screen I mean the process within Premieres (Record box) is not the actual recording in the camera - which was set to full screen.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

What `s full!?

So either make your XM2

4:3 or 16:9

The frame mode aka Schumelmodus of Canon 25F synonymous called ... Well I say now about the times rather nothing else is debate again.

Frames are called "p" for progressive
Fields is called "i" for interlaced

.................................................. .......

What do you want to produce, it is useful at times!

So "i" is the standard for DVDs such as

Calculator on it then but to strip but that is seen on the TV to no more afterwards.

If you PP (abbreviation Premiere Pro) to do then you can do so from templates eg Pal choose as a 16:9 widescreen, the then Project.

You can, of course, synonymous nor any default under Benutzerdefeniert Change customer.


Your existing clips can even if you like synonymous of "i" in "p Convert" can be ... with either PP or better are just as AviSynth or SUPER.


So I would shoot in 50i mode with the XM2 and cut everything in the 501 and spend - and only after I have spent the clip completely finished as a DV AVI, then I would let ausrendern the clip as "p" version again and then directly synonymous with the desired container / codec ... and although always of the edited original file.


B. DeKid


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