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Voll programmierbarer Remotehead und Kransteuerung im Eigenbau !

Fully programmable and remote head crane in self!

Frage von TomLobos:
Juli 2008

So here my idea of the times I had the clever theme:

In the area of PA and Light Tech Nick, there are already relatively efficient "Moving Heads", "Moving Spots" which basically consists of a remote head on a headlamp with color, gobos, etc. is mounted.

! HERE are all the components you need installed ready!

zum Bild

These new devices are already s.etwa 300 ¬, better perhaps ask for PA firms to defective devices where DMX and engines still work. (The forage colleagues in my experience every scrap such as when a repair would be too expensive or simply purchased new)
Otherwise, as always in such matters: Ebay!
Da kommt man with about 100 ¬ or even less away! I would say that the investment is really worth!

And now comes the hit:

Moving Heads are DMX controllable, ie via control (lighting, scanCONTROL etc.) and since a few years synonymous with software on the PC or laptop.
The device is a control unit installed on the XLR cable is supplied with data. I think now the synonymous commercially available in the Remote Heads with DMX work. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMX_%28Lichttechnik%29

With the PC software you can do all axis movements and positions with various parameters to program and save it free!

Get free software as freeware on the Internet and it can be commercially available joysticks to control dranklemmen. Who can lust has synonymous mouse, touchpad etc use!
In Ebay, I have a relatively favorable DMX / USB adapter cable seen.

This could be someone who is somewhat better with DMX control and electrical engineering know synonymous nor the one or the other additional feature idea.

A few details of a moving spot:

- Pan-and Tiltbewegung: Pan 540 °, 270 ° Tilt
- Speed Pan and Tilt adjustable
- Special program channel
- 6 channels:
Channel 1: Pan
Channel 2: Tilt
Channel 3: color wheel
Channel 4: Goborad
Channel 5: Strobe / program / 'shaking' Gobo
Channel 6: Scan speed
- Display: digital address and function setting
- Auto test for all functions

Rough instructions:

1. Projector head expand and discard. (Or from the Optics Spot a simple screw together)

2. I would control the power supply and also to expand and separate from the crane. Practically, a housing where everything reinpasst. Here, I would plug sockets so you grow zb longer cables can be affixed.

(The effort I would make, even alone because of the weight on the crane)
Here you can have a synonymous alternative power to think.

3. Camera Bracket build - in http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMX_%28Lichttechnik%29

this respect the top of the pivot point on the camera axis. For this you have most likely prolong the suspension so that the camera with the housing zusammenstösst.
Here, I would then construct the controls are there if you with a bigger cam is working as usual. That's it then also with the beautiful body, laminated viellecht you something streamlined with CSF.
Synonymous would be useful as a pin Neigungsbegrenzer allow the camera to the handling not accidentally twice around the axis rotates.

4. Additional features DMX control: Because it is the lighting equipment were involved with a little soldering quickly Sromversorgende zb jack attached to a headlamp fitted one DMX via a mouse click and off at any time. (!)

for example, an LED Par (stage lights) of the software in up to 1070 colors (RGB) can illuminate.

Who is totally crazy, the whole system is still extremely expand:

A second-DMX Control umlöten larger engines and therefore control the crane Programmable motorize!
Conceived could advance several cranes of an operator operated alternately, which for live transmissions Praktis

Antwort von robbie:

You say, you're not the first with the idea;)
The problem s.der control via DMX, the scanning speed. The course is in the highest speed is too low to make a fluid motion the course for beautiful trips to guarantee. The fun jerky ... slightly, but the camera movement visible.

Analog control is 10x better and I would prefer synonymous ...

Antwort von TomLobos:

How would it with 2 Zahrädern and a translation? How to get the high speeds of the engines down and can start gentle synonymous. That I had already thought synonymous!

So at 1:10 would be a rotation axis of the camera 10 turns s.Motor The "ruckler" art would be swallowed.
The engines have the speed of upward earnings still open because the moving heads are but some very fast moving

Hmm on the net, I had found nothing about this, is there a link?
wmch times would be interested:)

Antwort von MarHeBo:

I work has been about 3 years s.einem such a project, but had in the past, for professional reasons, always a pause.
Since 2 weeks I dedicate myself to my intense Remote Head and now he is almost ready.
Since I am beside synonymous with a little programming and for my tape before about 4 years, a DMX-developed software, I am now a remote-control programs.
Here you can save different position.
To control is a small joystick, and 2 encoders (endless rotary knob) for Pan and Tilt (x-and y-axis) are available.
On the "remote control" is synonymous nor a fader for setting the speed and 10 with the switch positions can be freely occupied.
Of course, there are synonymous in the software the possibility that the video via firewire directly to the hard drive to capture. The live image can be seen in a window on the monitor.

Was quite a tricky affair, but everything is running so slow.
Since I have a small CNC milling machine, I could have given me many have the capacity to produce parts.
Do not wonder what to make a camera mount for the tilt axis in a metal cost :-)

As a translation, I recommend 1:40, because no one really sees Ruckler more. However, the pace suffers a bit. For a complete revolution of the X-axis does my head for about 5 seconds.

Oh yes, I've synonymous with a head of Ebay (broken for about 50 ¬).
But this cheap stuff is good for China only.
When you are cutting very vosichtigen me directly some important components such as the zero button canceled.
Did the part up to now very few parts completely rebuilt.
The electronics in the head, I would leave. The PWM signal for the stepper motors cope with a long line only conditionally. In any case, the control line for a cross section> 0.9 use!

Antwort von MarHeBo:

Due to the many requests I have a small home page to my project is created:


The layout of the Page is under construction. More Photos from Head and from the crane, as well as screenshots of the software and an example video will follow in the coming days.
Suggestions, questions, etc. are welcome ...

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