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I need 2 x Ansteckmikros for interviews. What are the possibilities of using wireless microphones with a Consumercam (Canon HG20)?
Order I connect two Ansteckmikros (eg AKG CK 77 WR-L / p) + 2 + Channel 1 receiver and the latter of the microphone input with the Camera?

Thank you ever for answers. Would you be very grateful.


Antwort von mbwkrause:

1st You need two mics for two transmitters and two receivers. Unless you have a dual-channel receiver. Accordingly you need
2nd synonymous an adapter to put the signal of a microscope on the left and the Soundtrack of the other to the right. Can you make a catch, however, is a handsome BeachTek. Come out to stop, how much you want to spend / can. With a good radio link such as the Sennheiser G3 you have the added advantage that the receiver provides a strong signal that it allows you to completely lower the lousy pre-amps from the HG20 and so reduce the noise.


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