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Frage von hoerspielwerkstatt:

After some experience with the SonyVX 1000 I switched to the Panasonic Lumix GH2.
HD - quality is after all very attractive.

My Device / function chain (BR-BR-burner and player must raise I still)
GH2 - card reader - PC -
Section with Edius 6 - BR Disc Burner - Blu-ray player - TV 32 "HD-ready.

Missing something here or is there a mental mistake?

I would first be limited to a recording format in order to understand the whole processing chain and to master craftsmen.

720 50p recording (max. 17 Mbps)
The camera outputs video as AVCHD files.
In the light of my 32 "TV, I think that 720p and good enough, because it is a progressive format (no deinterlacing needed) and the TV - LCD has a max. Resolutionvon 1366 has pix 768. My seating distance about 2.5 m.
If the cut is not in the native codec possible (jerk), then I'm going to use the Canopus HQ as intermediates.

If the export of the BR disc observed, nor any thing?
With nearly 70 years to understanding technical processes and conditions no more intuitive, you have to learn focus.
Thanks for your comments.


Antwort von marwie:

So if you 50p can do without, I would add 24p to 1080p 24Mbps, the quality is better and Bluray support 24p native.

I'm curious to see how well you cut the material of GH2 with Edius can, (which look like the picture noise snowing) with me are in fact at high ISO problems.

What have you for a PC? Edius is not already ill-suited to separate liquid to AVCHD, eg with an Intel Q9550 can manage them.


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