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GH2 Lowlight Test Footage -> Beurteilung

GH2 Low Light Test Footage -> Assessment

Frage von Brause:
Januar 2011

Evenin Friends of the moving image ...

So far, I was just silent beneficiaries of this forum, but that will change now. Now I am still asking questions namely beneficiaries! ;-) From this first Welcome!

Instigator of the so largely very positive reports on GH2, I decided to purchase this equipment and yesterday the first of a few funny Manual accompanies delicious single malts studied. Today I then waited all day until dark in order to subject the Cam unqualified low light test.

What came out here, however, convinced me first not true. To my mind there is a sound like Hull. Material of the 7d or 5dm2, which I recently was processed, as well forward. Others see test footage of the synonymous GH2 a lot better than mine. Perhaps it is simply synonymous s.meinem inability, because my experience with DSLRs or system cameras are so far limited. So I would ask you to watch the times and to judge whether I had done something wrong or if it is "normal".

Here is a test shot with different ISO settings:
(At the time of this post nor in the Vimeo Processing ... ;-)

Small sees always made beautiful from ... Therefore

Antwort von pilskopf:

I would not with a Low Light Lens Test which begins at aperture 4. You have strong there underexposed areas in which it certainly starts grieseln too much at ISO 3200. I know at ISO 3200 and not an Aperture 1.7 such a powerful Grieseln really, that's fine, but as I have the Zoom synonymous, I know the bad lowlight actual shaft of the lens and be grieseln halt. So you want only way Lowloght shots, then you will need a suitable synonymous Lens. You purchase the Pancake 20mm 1.7 and do a test again. Order now but have to get a clearer picture could synonymous with shutter 1 / 25 turn.

Antwort von domain:

What reason is there for ever to put on night vision so large a exorbitant value, as the owls? Your picture is dark but totally uninteresting. are really nice light, it only s.gewissen hours of the day.
Good light!
This one has wished for in previous periods as a photographer and always Do not think that light could be replaced by very low light, because cheaper. That will never get there. Every scene, every color is the first with a right and not brought to faint light to live and shine.

Antwort von pilskopf:

It does not rotate all just make movies, if I may speak for me, I take much privately, there is often before that the lights are low and yes I still want to film that without the picture is weakened by strong noise. Synonymous and I think the shadow plays beautifully under artificial light directly. The night has something.

Antwort von Predator:


I have a lot rumprobiert. You have to avoid certain ISOs.

Good are: 160, 200, 400, 800, 1250, 1600 (about it is eh ...)

Here is a test of me:
(Lads down for full quality)

You can see the nasty at 320 and 640 color noise occurs.

Put the Camera on "soft" contrast, sharpness, color and NO to -2
All "Intellgient resolution" etc to off.
24p in the quality "H"

The camera but tends to rush in dark midtones, synonymous with low ISOs, which is precisely these magnitudes as in your test clip.

Neat Video is the killer tool. This ISO 800 to get the noise level of ISO 160 without losing what s.Qualität visible.
But always remember. The Camera has aperture range of contrast s0 11.5 at ISO 160 At 800 sinds nurnoch 9 aperture and then falls off rapidly.
So rather with 2.8 or less open shooting with ISO, as long as you hold still with the focus is dragging behind, what with movements in the vicinity of the camera for me so F2 ,5-F2, 8 is an upper limit.

Antwort von rush:

"Predator" wrote:
The Camera has aperture range of contrast s0 11.5 at ISO 160 At 800 sinds nurnoch 9 aperture and then falls off rapidly.

Olala ... where did you get the info from? Sure the camera aperture 11.5 dynamic range achieved? That seems quite high ... The source I would be interested to know ...

Probably you are referring to the DxOMark ... which, however, my opinion only the RAW files relates. The D7000 comes to just under 14 while the rest covers dynamic range ... Whether that is transferred to video synonymous I do not know ...

After the test procedure "DCTau test" which is used in digitalkamera.de used to produce other results.

Comparison of the input dynamic of GH2 with the Canon 60D and D7000

Iso | GH2 | 60D | D7000
160 | 8.9 | 8.6 | 8.8
200 | 8.9 | 8.6 | 8.7
400 | 8,9 | 8,5 | 8,8
800 | 8.8 | 8.3 | 8.5
1600 | 8.3 | 8.3 | 8.5
3200 | 7.5 | 7.9 | 8.2
6400 | 7.5 | 7.5 | 7.9
12800 | 7.0 | 7.4 | 7.4

But as mentioned before, it makes more sense, the isovalue unnecessary to screw in the Height. Rather selectively employ some light - the image quality improves significantly.

Antwort von Brause:

thanks for the feedback.

Sure, the optics is not the brightest, but still came to me in front of the other footage under the same conditions any better. The 20mm pancake I've already synonymous smiled, but will work only once with the kit zoom.

The picture settings I had adapted so often, that with the "bad" ISO values I try out again. Did the way, shot in 24p 1080, but that is probably yes for the noise does not matter.

Neat Denoiser I will check out yet!

@ Predator: Your test is not made with the 14-140s right?


Antwort von Predator:

Jo, my clip was made with the 20mm if I remember correctly.
14 screens in the D7000? That's RED level! If they would bring but now only the Resolutionder GH2 in video mode.

@ Rush: Yes, am referring to

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