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Frage von aight8:

Are actually two "issues"!

Actually, yes you should gain as Unignore and leave the shutter to 50. I would still test myself, but what would you gain +6 to the combination of shutter and say 120, to counteract the motion blur for a possible post-stabilization.
The noise is indeed unremarkable, but by simply emptying the synonymous Denoiser I could quickly (if it should interfere).

The Club of Last week I had the gain to 0 Como 1800 turn. I notice that everything is just before the light, would collect a lot of light. As with Flash. The background is indeed synonymous recognizable, but the contrast with the foreground is relatively large.

As it would turn the Como 1800 to a low Stuff and consider using the gain +6?


Antwort von tommyb:

Stabilization in the post is based on motion vectors. Movements can be seen, however, if the picture is clean. Ie, good contrasts, contours and little discernible noise.

This means that the shutter you can actually leave work a little shorter (1 / 100, 1 / 120), the gain but should NOT be active. If you clean the material behind, it rushes is not, but important contours are then also lost - so does nothing.

Note only that shorter shutter speeds cause in many cases synonymous flicker (for fluorescent lamps).

Signed your Comer:
That's the problem when you run riot with lights around. The Como has now not the same light output as a 100W halogen lamp - but the effect is similar (except that the background is on the 100W BLACK).

If you want to have a good contrast between foreground and background, then you need to adjust the exposure on the background (ie open Aperture so far, until you can see at all) and miss the foreground only very subtle light.

The do you manage with only a high-intensity camera / lens combination. GH2 with the Panasonic is one of the more intense prime lenses for something ideal.


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