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Frage von hd2006:

A good evening,

sitting in front of my cam and the Manual and ponder on the gain function. I can because 3 Different stages (HML) assign dB values. Can I possibly tell someone a link where this is not synonymous for professionals is illustrated graphically?. Have read somewhere once that the gain in value to the ISO value at Fotocamere. equated, ie, the "film" Speed. Does anyone else because "practical value" in certain shooting situations.

Thank you very much



Antwort von Bernd E.:

The gain is in camcorders, as it were the continuation of Aperture with other means, that is, the image signal is amplified, electronical and thus lighten the Picture, with each corresponding to a 6dB f-stop. Seen in a sharing of the gains actually identical with an increase in the ISO number in the photo area.
"Practice values" can there be none, because the best setting of each to many factors such as light sensitivity of the camera, light situation on the ground depends on so forth. In general, one should, however, for even if it's necessary to work with as little gain as possible, so synonymous because the noise is amplified in the Picture. For very low-noise shots in good light, some cameras have even a negative gain setting, such as-3dB.


Antwort von Debonnaire:

It's simple: As long as you have no gain at the fully open aperture not underexposed shots, turn on any gain above 0 dB! Each electronic amplification of the sensor signal leads to image degradation.

Rather than fire up the gain, you can extend the closing time synonymous with the "normal" 1 / 50 second. It may be then moving objects then recorded smeared.

But if you turn gain really need it, always just the bare minimum until you get back usable photographs!

You see: there is always a balancing of diverse, demanding compromises Pros & Cons. Shooting is just not an exact science! ;-)


Antwort von srone:

correctly expose while preserving the quality is already a science in itself, the factors involved are numerous. ;-)




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