Infoseite // Gema video for school?

Frage von almosely:

We want our Latin class with s.Sprachenwettbewerb participate in Dresden. But we want to make a film and then as hinschicken. We are already in the middle of the work and almost at the rotary. Because we are in the movie and want to sing something with this gemapflichtiger - Music deposited want is the big question is whether there is something you pay. The music I have of free MIDI Dat converted into the WAVE (with Nero Wave Editor). Also I will use the credits music.
The video is only for the Australian Competition and shown in the school.

Thank you already for your efforts

Martin Sünderhauf, Oelsnitz


Antwort von PowerMac:

Yes, if you GEMA subject material. Why should schools synonymous not pay? You can but try. Risk unknown.


Antwort von StefanS:

The Gema has me by telephone said that it would be school master agreements. The schools would have just reported.

If in doubt, call GEMA.



Antwort von BjörnF:

If your video is in school or even in the Competition will be shown, this is a public performance and this is due GEMA. On top is synonymous, an authorization from the record company required. Keyword is "Film production law."

Insofar as the theory. The extent to which under the slogan "Where no applicants ..." to vernächlässigen is, each judge for themselves.

An alternative is GEMA-free music, but this is not necessarily free. One stop shop for sowas include



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