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General questions about Avid

Frage von Set_Tiger:
Oktober 2006

So hello everybody!

I'm a noob when it comes Avid Programs and would like to ask you some general questions about Avid programs, because I am very interested in professional editing.

What are the differences between the pro Prgrammer Avid Xpress, Avid Media Composer and Avid Liquid?

What Programs offer this benefit more than other editing programs like Premiere?

If After Effects is compatible with Avid, or had another good Compositionsprogramm with avid?

Is it the work that the really big film editor with Avid?

Schonmal Thanks;)

(if this topic has already been raised once, I beg your forgiveness, but was not) when suchfunktion really find

Antwort von rush:


So once it's true avid often used in large buden will ... in the daily-news operation as synonymous for film. how come? avid gibts already extremely long and has gained acceptance because of its use, and implementing good time is probably so popular. so we kan synonymous to work really fast, if you have the knack. cutter which I knew so many would be reluctant to change ...

avidxpress: more for the normalo-grbrauch with DV / DVCAM, usually synonymous been running well on standard PCs without extra hardware

media composer: additional computer on which it usually only the composer software is installed, with exrta hardware connections and high aulösungen / connection, etc. Of mazen

liquid: Originally pinnacle software, was bought out of avid and only so ansichtssache ... g *'s just quite favorable, many functions, but in my opinion not quite as mature and partly buggy ...

export as quicktime-reference in after effetcs from xpress is straightforward, works quite well.

avid what so special? Good question ... s.avid clear if one comes, one comes synonymous handle on many other system usually quickly ... as the work is interesting and innuitiv. it is not so much with the masu employed as perhaps in other programs ... (with liquid you usually perform as significantly more clicks to get to the target to ...)

if you have the possibility, try just once corresponding program from somewhere or as a test version ... :)


Antwort von Set_Tiger:

Ok thanks!

Antwort von Set_Tiger:

So here I am again and again got 2 questions:

What is currently the latest media composer version? Sometimes I am in some reports v12 and when onlineshops (http://www.bpm-media.de/shopsystem/query.php?cp_sid=372269fb0385&cp_dlt=5503_257&cp_cat=253&cp_dls=/shop/promo_page.html&cp_tpl=main) V2.5 is les dran

Gibts Avid Media Composer synonymous to German?

Can I edit synonymous with Media Composer 24-frame film material or the finished film 25frame-spend (dv / pal) in 24 frames or you have to use as extra film composer?

Wo gibts tutorials for Avid MC?
Have not yet found

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

"Set_Tiger" wrote:
Can I edit synonymous with Media Composer 24-frame film material or the finished film 25frame-spend (dv / pal) in 24 frames or you have to use as extra film composer?

If you like this which helps ... DAS is wonderful in Final Cut with Cinema Tools. Whether with Aatoncode; 3-Perfo or what I know. Everything can wonderfully capture, organize and convert eg 24FPS, so you can cut them into Final Cut Pro very loosely in 24FPS. EDL, cut out, possibly PosConform and be happy.

Final Cut editing entirely synonymous, incidentally some of the very great:)

Antwort von PowerMac:

"Set_Tiger" wrote:
So here I am again and again got 2 questions:

What is currently the latest media composer version? Sometimes I am in some reports v12 and when onlineshops (http://www.bpm-media.de/shopsystem/query.php?cp_sid=372269fb0385&cp_dlt=5503_257&cp_cat=253&cp_dls=/shop/promo_page.html&cp_tpl=main) V2.5 is les dran

Gibts Avid Media Composer synonymous to German?

Can I edit synonymous with Media Composer 24-frame film material or the finished film 25frame-spend (dv / pal) in 24 frames or you have to use as extra film composer?

Wo gibts tutorials for Avid MC?
Have not yet found

Then find yourself next time. A great tip is to the Avid website.

Antwort von Set_Tiger:

On the Avid site is not really that accurate. It says only where oh is so great avid synonymous and that is used internationally avid .... is all well and good but what is so outstanding book now s.diesem prog?

I've ne trial of MC and am disappointed at first glance a little bit in terms of surface and order. Besides these, and I still can not import views wmv files (sry wenns geht doch And I'm too stupid but the prog seems to be complicated derbo)

I work with premiere pro and would actually like to know if a would be worth working into in Avid Programs.

Antwort von Axel:

"Set_Tiger" wrote:
I work with premiere pro and would actually like to know if a would be worth working into in Avid Programs.

A Fernsehcutterin who transfer forcibly of Avid after FinalCut had told me recently how much stress you would Neuerlernen. The older you get, the more we dread innovations. The qualitative differences, I can say in a very superficial acquaintance with APP and Avid anything, just that I'm surprised this attitude very much. I have the confidence that the surfaces are well thought out and user friendly, and I understand the structure of within minutes.
I ask you the question this way: What you missed in APP?

Antwort von Set_TiGer:

Premiere is a great program in my eyes. However, I do not feel fast enough to come forward. And I've read that you can work with avid progs quickly and well and that there really is a professional program. I just do not want to back the wrong horse, because it requires a lot of grind your editing software. So I deals mainly with handling and quality.

I've recently viewed avid dv free. For me the funzt not somehow gescheiden. Import of n few clips and then take eeeewig can not edit some of the composer window. Ne idea what lie can do that?

Antwort von Andreas Jigme:


this is true, Avid is not meant to create all kinds of multimedia formats to import and next to stuffed (synonymous when it's done: for example, the Cleaner XL can turn everything into everything ...). Avid DV is such (and based on Avid Avid Free DV) DV material made to cut. Is a program for movie makers, just professional league. Here one can expect a professional minimalismus.

I've learned on the Avid and likes the functional surface. Final Cut is known for something "more accessible" and to be more intuitive ... Avis here comes a little stricter and "rectangle" over. But if the logic has intus Avid is clearly my favorite ... just as we said above, totally mature and very logical. Sure you have to familiarize themselves ... can familiarize s.besten knows of someone who's. And Avid is designed for Zweihandbetrieb: a s.der one s.der Mouse and keyboard. Actually, the Avid will arbeitsweise achieved only with a keyboard. (füpr the beginning as there are stickers for the keyboard on Ebay ...)

Have you ever been to be incorporated into Photoshop? Wow, I would also say there is almost nothing to do intuitively lasts forever until the program details in each dominates. But it's worth ...

Avid is virtually the Mercedes, meanwhile, cut programs and you have the large background of very professional product. Avid editing suites and build whole systems, including hardware ... "Star Wars" became synonymous s.Avid cut, you feel in good company, and the surfaces are always the same, globally for all Avid systems.

Outrageous is the way the color and image correction in Avid, simply incomparable (bad Whitebalance !....? no problem ...)

I realize you like the program,'s just my tools ...

I think it is worthwhile to incorporate here ... but it's synonymous ne type question: I know a bunch of colleagues who swear by Final Cut ...

We have to choose halt ... Prtofessionelle Pgrogramme are always a bit complicated ... is halt so ... but it's worth it. A sense of the benefits and professional functioning (Avid dizipliniert forces you to be anyway) comes only with the years ...

Good luck ... Gruß, Andreas

Antwort von cutaway:


AVID LIQUID 7 is synonymous very intuitive, of FAST (German company) develops, the program interface has nothing to do with Pi Studio, is more of a professional program like Premiere or Media Studio Pro.

FAST of Pinnacle was acquired, of Pinnacle Avid. The complete management software is very intuitive, which is certainly my experience. " And there is a very good forum. Here are the features:

* Intuitive, fully customizable software interface with all functional and control elements in direct access
* Background Rendering: The system uses unused system performance to be calculated effects during processing to render
* Continuous, automatic backup of projects
* MPEG-2-Export/DVD-Ausgabe directly from the timeline, including authoring possibility
* Improved Capture: Import to different destination drives, as well as for the direct digitization of material on the timeline - with scene detection
* Unlimited number of timeline tracks for video, audio, graphics and title
* JKL shuttle commands and custom keyboard shortcut assignments without restrictions (eg the use of Premiere Tastur)
* Effect editors for 2D, 3D, Color, Key, filter, Wipe FX
* Plug-in structure for Fremdeffekte
* Voice-Over (dub on the timeline)
* VU meters audio levels throughout the processing
* Virtual Console for the (automatic) mixing of audio tracks with groupable Fader
* Including Hollywood FX 3D Effects
Inc. TitleDeko RT, extensive title generator
* Secondary Color correction for the specific choice of colors korigierender
* Supported work in the Network and Broadcast Integration with Pinnacle products
* Automation system with flash support
* Support for RS-422 and DVCPRO25
* MIDI support via MIDI fader Attached
* ALE / OMFI-untersà exchange of Clips
* SonyCliplink support
* HDV support (native format)
* Multi-format support allows the mixing of DV, HDV, MPEG2, SD, HD, WMV, Mpeg4 and uncompressed files
* Surround sound support in real time in the timeline
* Very good multicam editing function for up to 16 cameras
* Back up complete projects such as on DVD
* News for the individual against 6.0
- SmartSound has been integrated
- WMV, Mpeg4 and DivX5 can now play back native
- Additional, simple recording option
- Built-in Image Stabilization
- Change in velocity using Bezier curves
- New Real-Time Effects: DreamGlow, Soften, DuoChrome, Lighting, RGB Color Balance, White Balance, Turbulent Edges
- Commotion Clip FX (56 effects)
- New layout for the single-monitor operation
- Timecode display in separate windows
- Studio 10 Project improt
- Export of WMV with 5.1 surround sound
- Expanded export opportunities, such as DivX 5, MPEG 4, Real ...
* Optional Pro version with a USB 2.0 box with component, S-Video and video in / out, 5.1 audio (analog and digital in / out)
* New option: proDAD Heroglyph 2.5 Title Software
* Optional: Adorage Magic PC Effects
* Optional: Pioneer 110 DVD Burner
* Optional: Contour Jog / Shuttle Pro 2
* New option: Liquid Lernkurs DVDs



Antwort von PowerMac:

I can synonymous:
Final Cut Pro 5.1:

Editing and timeline
Edit s.23.976, true 24, 25, 29.97, 30 or 60 fps
Multicam editing of up to 128 sources with realtime playback of up to 16 angles
Source / Record three-point editing model
Insert and overwrite with or without transitions
Replace, fit to fill and superimpose edits
Edit overlay for drag-and-drop editing
Blade and Blade All tools for adding edits
Extend and split edits
Sync indicators in Timeline
Adjacent (through edit) indicators in Timeline
Dupe detection in Timeline
Keyframe graphs
Track targeting
Track locking
Auto Select tools
Slip and slide
Lift and ripple delete
Asymmetric, multitrack trimming
Dynamic trimming
JKL trimming
Trim window
Timeline trimming
Keyboard and numeric trimming
RT Extreme for scalable software-based, multi-stream real-time effects in DV, SD and HD formats
Real-time effects playback on main display and on NTSC / PAL or HD monitor with perfect synchronization
Dynamic RT for automatically adjusting playback quality and / or frame rate based on hardware capabilities
Motion integration for motion graphics work
Shake integration for visual effects work
8-bit, 10-bit and HDR (32-bit floating point) image processing
Time Remap tool
Keyframe graphs and editing in Viewer or Timeline
More than 200 transitions, effects and filters
Unlimited effects favorites
Copy and paste motion and effect attributes
Unlimited layers with support for nesting
Bezier curves with movable motion paths
Numeric control and keyframe capabilities for precise animation and effects
2D and 3D titles with Boris Calligraphy
Animated titles, lower thirds and graphics with LiveType
Composite and transfer modes
Import multilayered Photoshop files with layers and alpha support
Support for many third-party After Effects plug-ins
And for FXScript FXBuilder designing custom filters and effects
Digital Cinema Desktop for real-time SD and HD preview playback on s.attached Apple Cinema Display
Multitrack Audio Mixer
Keyboard and user interface customization tool
Voice Over tool for adding narrations directly to Timeline
Frame Viewer for shot comparisons
Source timecode overlays in Viewer and Canvas
QuickView for RAM-based previews of complex multilayered sequences
LiveFonts animated fonts
Customizable effects
Royalty-free animated content library
Sophisticated project templates
Keyframe animation
Real-time wireframe preview
Canvas RAM preview
Import wide variety of formats
Resolution independent and scalable
Dynamic individual character control
Unicode system font support
Animation for rolls and crawls
Type on a curve
FontMaker utility for creating custom LiveFonts
High-performance encoding engine
Two-pass variable bit rate (VBR) encoding
Advanced motion estimation technology
Encode media directly from timeline
Compatible I-frame insertion
QuickTime support
MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 support
H.264 encoding
Optical flow technology used for format and media conversions
Next-generation audio streaming media
Split-screen comparison
Encoding presets included
Automated encoding
Grouped presets for quick batch setup
Subframe audio keyframing to 1/100th of a frame
Real-time audio filter adjustments during playback
Multichannel audio with support for up to 24 channels in and out
OMF audio export
On-screen multitrack mixing console
External control surface support
Soundtrack Pro integration for audio mixing and sound design.
Real-time fader automation
Variable keyframe thinning
Real-time audio filters and effects
S.8kHz sampling to 96kHz and 8 to 24 bits
Audio level meters (per track)
Mac OS X Audio Units plug-in support
Pan controls
Mute and solo controls
Audio waveform display in Timeline
Logarithmic audio fades
Scrubbing with or without pitch shifting
More than 25 audio filters
Color correction
Primary (three-way) color corrector
Secondary (two-way) color corrector
Image control filters
4 - and 8-point garbage mattes
Hardware-accurate waveform monitor and vector scopes
Broadcast-safe filter
Range-checking zebra stripe overlays
Full Unicode support
Dynamic w

Antwort von thomasinberlin:

jo, but you probably understand nich mal approach in what it all means, my PowerMac!

Antwort von PowerMac:


Antwort von Hogar:

But he understands the safe ...
Correct sense, this feature list is still not.
You just need to know what you need.

It is clear: you have to be incorporated in Avid, which can be difficult to learn alone with the manual. But if you want to be really effective, subject to the safe with a great many things. Also in my experience, Programs, which are not always intuitively seem best to use if you want to work properly on speed AND quality ...


Antwort von Set_TiGer:

Thank you s.alle!

I think I am rising to the Avid, just a shame that neither LernDVDs still gives tutorials on the net: \

Antwort von el_pedro:

Check out the Knowledge of Avid, da gibts jedemenge guides.

Antwort von ThomasH:

The Training Center of Avid:


Antwort von prem:

Oh, and incidentally, DVDs gibts synonymous, but preferably in English.

Antwort von Set_TiGer:

Wo gibts DvDs for Avid? -> Link please post <-.... search for ages for n avid dvds no preference whether English or German

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Set_TiGer" wrote:
Wo gibts DvDs for Avid? -> Link please post <

No problem! With Google you can find some, so this like a DVD tutorial for Avid Express Pro:

https: / / digitalmediatraining.com / products / xpresspro / index.html

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Set_TiGer:

Hey cool! Many thanks for the tip

If I were to dominate avid xpress, I would like Avid's higher eig synonymous dominate the media composer grundlegnd?

Antwort von Hogar:

Actually, yes ...
With a few additional functions in the Media Composer will you just even more efficient


Antwort von Tere:

Hello, synonymous, I have a few questions about Avid.
I've just downloaded Avid Free DV. On further, however, I failed already. Some even learned by testing, I create it but not even upload a video to cut this. Furthermore, I do not understand the exact meaning of "bins".
When I insert a new sequence, nothing happens next. What should I do about it if I want a song or insert similar at all.
I sincerely hope that someone can answer my questions.
Danke schon mal in advance.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Tere" wrote:
I've just downloaded Avid Free DV. On further, however, I failed already.

On the Avid website, there's a lot of tutorials specifically for the entry into Avid Free DV. The help you determine next.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von elek:


Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

Can someone tell me how I Boris Continuum Complete install properly, so that I can use the effects in the Avid?

Antwort von PowerMac:

About the same as described in the manual.

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