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as I can in CS4 when corrected for a film consisting of dozens of clips or all clips at the same time as the master set the sound, for example, more heights, Ruaschenverbesserung, ... to have to individually without touching each clip?

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Antwort von Wiro:

there are 2 options:

Holding down the Alt-button all the audio clips highlight frame (), then right click> nest.
This means that all audio clips as one continuum (virtual) are dealt with clips.

Or Effects to 1 Clip apply, then in the Effect Controls window, select Effects> CTRL + C.
Termin. all remaining clips and select CTRL + V.
Thus all the clips remain as individual clips.

Greeting Wiro


Antwort von Jake the rake:

You can add traces submix (Sequence> Add Tracks), or load your plug-ins in the master track. (We are talking Of Premiere CS4, right?)


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