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Goldene Hochzeit - Gedreht mit SONY HDR FX 1000

Golden Wedding - Filmed with SONY HDR FX 1000

Frage von ghostpictures.de:
März 2009

Halli Hallo,
synonymous ich hab mal wieder was made.

Golden Wedding

zum Bild

My grandparents had golden wedding and I got the celebration with the camera support.
Nothing big, just to capture the emotions.
I also wanted to such a record 3 hours and have avoided 45min film material at about 4min reduced.
That was my first commissioned work in this direction so let mercy prevail. ^ ^

The material was not subsequently processed. This is so to speak, the setting of the original image Cam. Contrast can be a lot more rausholen, wanted the film but not too unnatural shape.
Was shot in 1080-50i in 25p mode, 0db gain.

Here are the details:
Length: 4.25min
Filmed with SonyHDR FX 1000 in HDV
File format: h.264

For high-resolution video on http://vimeo.com/3549159

Antwort von domain:

It brings nothing to be gracious. Effects after 45 seconds because no O-Sound exists (or comes later still, then, I apologize).
There seems really something like an amateur film subculture.
A grand initiation with ".. Productions" or "Entertainment ..." and then only after all the pictures with beautiful music spam.
Human child, the O-sound plays just such a film the crucial role, everything else is not.

Antwort von joerg-emil:

Hi Ghost,
Unfortunately, I have my speakers?, without O-Sound video makes no sense here. The shooting at such events is extremely difficult, it is clear to me. That is why I am now of weddings, birthdays and anniversaries synonymous far. People say nothing in the Camera and behave just obviously not synonymous.

At my last "private event" Shoot, I then synonymous curved wooden hammer. With each of the bold appearance it wants or does not want synonymous NEN micro hand under the nose and hold to ask a brief comment or greeting in the Camera to speak. That works, you only need to remain stubbornly .... and the result was surprisingly funny. You will wonder what all of it themselves, especially at late hour ...;-)

For your film a little more life, I would like to have all the material again and make nice after looking passages, where people entertain. Then dig into the photo box and search your grandparents from as many years of their marriage 50 - 80 photographs out of a music and craft among painted photo show together. From getting to know until today .... with the photo show, you can then start synonymous and they repeatedly by video sequences interrupt. Is only a suggestion!

Gruß Jörg-Emil

Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

The music makes a yes hope that soon emerges Indiana Jones and the cameraman in the holy grail thrust. And the CD with the same Pinnaclegedudel with.

Antwort von domain:

"joerg-emil" wrote:

Then dig into the photo box and search your grandparents from as many years of their marriage 50 - 80 photographs out of a music and craft among painted photo show together.

Just so I changed it s.Samstag at the birthday celebration of a 80-year-olds experienced, but as an HD video with PD geschnitten.
The images were then during the demonstration, with witty words of the son-in-law commented. Actually if you had only these words and later as a record Tonuntermalung need to put the matter would be added to some recent recordings on the spot has become a perfect reminder.
Another question is, however, whether such private things on the net that should be asked, I would certainly not do so.

Antwort von ghostpictures.de:

Thank you for the constructive criticism!
The sound was unfortunately only with the Internal Micro recorded, so the quality was synonymous not the best. I had already considered synonymous O-Sound unterzumischen've yet left.

But for the next time I'll tell me your suggestions to heart and try to implement the ideas with just the slide show or the interviews are intended class!

As written above was my very first jobs away from amateur / trash film and I was already clear that I have to do much better. Especially in the color correction you can still see a lot rausholen.
Unfortunately, yes at the event very bad light.

Antwort von Crookie:

The pictures I like, so I think you have a cozy gathering well captured. O-Sound is missing at least s.den places where it is obvious that someone is talking. Also you would have the address for such occasions is actually common practice, yet it will bring. So we would have detected synonymous synonymous who celebrates golden wedding.
Nevertheless, the movie with your grandparents like safety.

Antwort von domain:

Too often, I believe the whole "work" in film production only in the Picture section and moved the sound then as annoying accessory quickly manner.
In my own videos, I need the sound for at least double to triple the time than the average and even then I'm usually pretty unhappy with him.
I would s.deiner place the MK400 or equivalent growth, which sometimes brings a much better, louder and more focused sound than the built in camera microphone. In addition, even a portable sound recorder, in the vicinity of the speaker set up is solid and just stays.
Moreover, the quality of Atmo not soo important. Even if they at times with only -20 dB subliminally mitläuft is the Wikung still incomparably better than if only pure music exists.

What color are concerned: even in indoor shots, they are in the strict sense rarely necessary, provided you are not filming with automatic white balance. Rather, it may be some contrast to what corrections.

Antwort von sony34:


as already mentioned several times here and there lacks the O-sound. The Music s.Anfang reminds s.einen more exciting action movie, only boring geklimper afterwards.
The pictures and picture settings, I personally find not too bad. I would be the pictures not only on close-ups are limited, but times synonymous throughout the area for a shooting Atmo to obtain.

People eating, I would be shooting in the future can be. Mortal sin!

Otherwise, for the beginning very well.

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