Infoseite // Good camcorder for small video productions sought maximum price ¬ 1500

Frage von Hotzenplotz:


through my current research I came across the page here ...

I'm recording on the search for a good camcorder, Full-HD, so that in the smaller firm Videos (product videos, instructional videos, etc.) can rotate.

The variety is great and I have tried, sometimes me, getting the supposedly best.

And I'm on the SonyHDR-CX550VE and the HDC-PANASCONIC SD707EGK encountered.

Is it possible to fully recommend or what is the best camcorder?

Sony Offers a great WW and probably a super LCD, Panasonic has to offer here is not quite as much, but better controls? Even the loud fan noise can be described here caught my attention, the company at least for the purpose is not interesting, because the sound is taken out later anyway. But if someone wants to use the camera privately, that would be any more dangerous if you can hear the sound later in the recording.

It would be nice if someone could report that may already gained experience with the camcorder and show me some advantages / disadvantages could.

Canon of what's comparable? Which are indeed rather poor in the WW (44mm?), Which for me is a KO criterion.

Thank you has already.


The Hotzenplotz


Antwort von Bernd E.:

How urgent is for the purchase? Traditionally, in January, the new models presented (On the market since then s.March), and I would wait, if possible. Otherwise, 2010 was actually the SD707, the general recommendation in this category. Since air is still synonymous in the budget for the most necessary s.accessories: Tripod, Microphone, light, etc.


Antwort von Hotzenplotz:

Time is not, the camcorder will probably be ordered tomorrow ...


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