Infoseite // Good fixed focal length 20mm AF / MF, VF

Frage von HansMaulwurf:

I am looking for a good FB in the super wide angle for my 5D MK2 (;! VF), luminous intensity not less than 3.5.

The 100,000 tests of Canon EF 20mm and 20mm Nikkor 2.8/3.5 contradict such a way that I read after a long synonymous am not smarter ...

What I expect is, of course prejudice about directories and vignetting, even when it comes s.f5.6 and not when all locks are tight. Budget is already available - but not for a Zeiss ...



Antwort von HansMaulwurf:

Ahem, not a single recommendation? Not even a decision between using the EF 20mm 2.8 Nikkor 20mm 2.8D and the case has been no alternatives up your sleeve?

To help my men to help.


Antwort von toxitobi:

Sigma 20mm 8.1 I could propose. But this lens is of Resolutionund ran the directory read aloud a few test s.die not more expensive brands. If everything is light for you then this could be something. For me, I take them into account but I have not yet tested.

Greeting Toxitobi


Antwort von Jan:


for a photographer is synonymous quite make sense, share a relatively old Nikkor 20 mm with the same intensity, without ultrasonic motor without AF by extra adapter on a Canon 5D MK II. Therefore, it should hardly synonymous with tests given this combination. Maybe a few films that combination, but many users certainly do not.

For a film may be the aperture ring 20 Nikkor is interesting, AF you will anyway not s.einer 5 D MK II video recording.

If the ray selection is less important s.Lens, I would Canon 20 mm f 2.8 USM for a 5 D MK II without taking adapter.

I think the Canon 20mm f2.8 is a very good lens.

Possible Recommendation nor the Sigma 20 mm F1.8 EX DG - with 1.5 stops better Lichstärke but synonymous some distortion and poorer Resolutionzum edge. At Sigma we should perhaps try several synonymous Lenses, since you compared to Canon and Nikon have a long range scattering. Depending on the optics, it can vary widely.



Antwort von The KLF:


I had the 20 / 2.8 times to take pictures s.der 5D I owned. Was ok, but at comparable f-stops only as good as the 17-40/4 L, which is why I keep the latter because of better flexibility. And when you shoot the lower aperture interfere in this focal range is less than the shooting.

Instead of the 20 / 2,8 I would wish to place a 16-35/2 s.Deiner, 8 L in the eye. In the Mk I version already 650, - to get used and (suspected that it had never themselves) safe at 20mm is not significantly worse than the 20's FB, but the same aperture and much more flexible.

Best regards,


Antwort von Filmo:

You want very good picture quality u.möglichst high light intensity, but the price's jammed?
The required criteria can not be fulfilled, top lenses now cost and time as Jan has already said, the 20mm Canon would synonymous my tip to use without any problems s.der 5D (u.Stillimage film), the quality of this lens synonymous certainly better than any old Nikkor or Sigma, or Tamron, etc, etc. ... and can even "used" buy ever go in my pants.


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