Infoseite // Good for this replacement battery for the Canon HG20?

Frage von Addie:


with spare batteries, there is indeed a good bargain and a bad bargain.

Good for this one eh?

Good, I find that you do not need an extra charger because you can recharge the battery with directly with the time of the original power supply. And a rough indication of charging, it is still synonymous.

Erstmal Sounds nice, but does anybody know if the battery is usable?
If scrap Fremdakku what you recommend? I know that the mti then display the rest of the time does not work, but that's not so important to me - the originals I find totally overpriced. Would like the strongest Battery.


Antwort von Heinz07:

Hello Addie,

Battery is ok. But remember that in the action always seems an indication that battery is not original and you must then a button press to work next to.

Gruß Heinz


Antwort von Addie:

Yes, I know.
Cheaper has just its price ... ;-)


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