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Frage von christine1970:

In my film I would like to add a header to our hometown by Google Earth. There is a button in Google Earth where you can record the sequence, it is then stored as a KMZ file in "my videos". I can look at it synonymous with no problems like this. If I, however, Pinnacle under "my videos" go, it does not work and only a general "google earth" seems to me in my film. Oh may God, I hope not, that my description does not sound too complicated .... but perhaps have someone help me??


Antwort von Alf_300:

Pick the route times Converter
You must stop if necessary, load the files in the Google KML format


Antwort von mannamanna:

Maybe you could take the Google Earth screen capture video via software and then insert into the video?


Antwort von nicecam:

@ Christine1970:
Legal Page (for a private film probably easy) we leave aside.

As you have already found, you can film in the free version of Google Earth just look at yourself in the program.
Screen Capture is available only in Google Earth Pro.

Like manna manna already indicated, it is with screen capture programs as shareware or freeware. Freeware, for example, the Windows Media Encoder, the counterpart to the Windows Media Player.

The encoder you can with Microsoft
The times you do, then we can step-by-step instructions go through one.

I have so much experience to be positive, and the quality is good.

It might better be synonymous Programs for the purpose.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

That reminds me of a grad /. If you want to paste a static picture only, then it is quite simple:
Launch Google Earth, image set the then pressing the "button" (this is the screen photographed) then post the Picture an image editing software to insert in (you might have the image editing software is started beforehand), save it in the video editing software to insert and.

However, if you want to create a tour or something similar in Google Earth, then again, see above.


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