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Google buys developer On2 codec - YouTube goes VP8? Of thomas - 5 Aug 2009 17:44:00
For about 100 million U.S. dollars, Google has now bought On2 Technologies (; the completion of the deal is still subject to the approval of the shareholders and the OC) of the competent regulatory authorities. On2 is a specialist Manufacturer of compressed digital video and video codecs VP3, VP4, VP5, VP6 TrueMotion, TrueMotion VP7 and VP8, for compressed video via the web and videos will be used on mobile devices. Customers of On2 include Adobe, Skype, Nokia, Infineon, Sun Microsystems and Sony. On2 has become a sensation in 2001 when it attracted the self-developed video codec VP3 patents, including the open source community has since passed from the open source Ogg Theora codec.

> VP8 for YouTube?>
Is speculated that Google could use the latest On2 video codec for YouTube, an equivalent quality, but royalty to have an alternative to H.264. Since On2 has always paid to use it for video compression only proprietary technology and any foreign patents, subject to On2's codecs (, and thus the resulting compressed video), no licensing requirements, (; what had always been a great argument for the On2 codec). Google's next step will be interesting how far Google will use On2's codecs - Google could step On2's even repeat of 2001 and expose the source code of the latest On2 codecs - so the argument would be
> On2 codecs as a way out of the H.264 license case?>
Especially in view of s.2011
impending license costs
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(In which container, n) can be embedded for this codec? And how it looks with the Support of current editing software from?


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As a web developer I know of the VP6 codec On2 as a Flash video into an FLV container, which has replaced the Sorenson Spark codec s.Flash 8 (, as I recall). Many players had and have problems with the codec, but now my current VLC can. The Flash Player is now in the web player for FLVs with VP6. If Google release the source code, it would be theoretically possible to develop video plug-ins or browser features that may pose without Flash Player Flash videos. Certainly not good for Adobe;)
The Firefox 3 this may already disclosed with the Ogg codec. Here, such a video, which can of course only with a current Firefox browser will be shown:;native_Videounterst%C3%BCtzung).ogg

Otherwise, you will find here a list with possible containers for the VP8:

For the web I've found that the VP6 in particular at the moving picture and graphic animations often has a better "price-performance ratio" in terms of size and quality than the h264 codec, which can become synonymous embed Flash videos .


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