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Great question, "Camera for professional film"

Frage von moe2:
August 2008

Good morning,

I am perhaps a little early with my request, but I'm still a bit of information you can.

In the autumn of 2009, I would like my first major film, and I will therefore no longer with my little HDR-SR1 of Sonyauskommen, this will be a maximum for the making of her hold;)

I would like my idea just a little professional on the disc and maybe so synonymous to the screen a smaller house Lichtspiel bring. After all, what brings a still a good idea without good team and without good technique.

My question is specifically the "camera art" dedicated.
As I did in this Jungle zich from 1000 models are not just good familiar, I trust the professionals here, which I hope some of this ground-breaking info.

Since a purchase of a very high quality camera at present, unfortunately, not for me the question, and without the film out to be not good, I thought me a very good product just for the set filming days to borrow. Is my idea makes sense, or advise her of borrowing a camera from urgent? Where should I do? The major distributors like erento etc. have quite a large choice s.allen possible models. Which company would you recommend, and advise you of how badly from?

Now for the model specifically. Since I am today with a lot of my HDR-SR1 is doing it to me of course easy to edit and convert. But how it looks now, for example, at a HDV camera from. For example:

The JVC GY-HD200 is (for me at least) a high-quality HD Camera. How does the dubbing of films in such models. As everyone knows it is time s.den PC and material about play or you need some extra accessories? I have often seen as accessories of recorders was read. Are they required or they do serve another purpose?

What is with the handling of these cameras? Can you just need one or herantrauen courses, etc. visit? If there is anything too complicated, I would certainly synonymous somewhere a cameraman perform his services.

What models would you still recommend this? Not that I am wrong someone understands, but with a small increase in the model of my current camera is not helped me. Although it certainly would be better to learn in dealing with larger cameras, step by step to go. But it is indicative to me about a good camera for my idea to find. Whether I have the camera itself, or serve others, then it gives me really no preference. It will later result in a nice get out that I synonymous s.die public can bear.
How can I get good pictures, which I synonymous to an audience and the show can not s.Ende say: "Hmm, the story was the bearer of the look, but somehow reminds me s.mein vacation video."

I'm curious about responses of you!


Antwort von domain:

Whether this is now, one year before the start of filming soo great and important question is, I would rather doubt it. As the situation on the camera industry once again very different and also is the forum but in any case fully with relevant contributions to do so.
It seems to me that there are very different questions would be great.
But now it seems that the EX1 / 3 fairly well in the race to lie.

Comment trunk:
"The Picture is FullHD 35 Mbit mode with a little practice even the best material which I rotated depending on my screen FullHD have seen, not necessarily the 1920s Resolutionist the quality characteristic (Blurayfilme purchased here but show more detail), but the steadiness of MPG2 codec, no rhythmic twitching or strong pucker s.Farbkanten should be noted. Also, the transformers are assembled image class and show a large aperture size in little picture noise to. "

I believe synonymous PowerMac has already used this camera and the format is very easy to edit.

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Since it is not known what motives there are, as the conditions are filming and what a story is told, are somehow all the tips rather reflections own desires and tendencies (synonymous if the EX1 or 3 very good Camera is).

Rental equipment is standard. Only very few productions Equipment is purchased as is usually the money spent did not get back here ... that can only rent.

Organize yourself a clever image makers, who can advise you synonymous, which s.besten system for the production is suitable.

Antwort von PowerMac:

The assumption that a greater Camera bring a better look, is wrong. All of a systemic nature "film" film and improves the look so synonymous. The camera even improved a few percent of it. The main points are sure the camera work, lighting, scenes, masks and costume and staging.

Antwort von moe2:

The someone I am the reflection of my wishes have already told a little longer ago. At least I would no longer identify as such, if I thought my long nights at work in the first version of a screenplay was packed. But I have not written this story in order to present my project (then I would have probably synonymous another category selected), but to just drop in to ask the users who are knowledgeable in the field.

The story is a dark thriller. No rough and Abgemetzel useless, but I want to create an atmosphere. Ie, cold images, dull-looking photographs. Images from a thriller so everyone can be reasonably imagined.
Of course, the look is only through the light and then later by editing created. And the atmosphere created and the locations of the actors and not the Camera. Only here for a couple of misunderstandings from the world.
The rotational terms are pretty easy. Many Setaufanhmen inside and a few playing in the forest scenes.

I thank first of all for your replies. Then you can with the EX1 / 3 do nothing wrong. But like domain suggests, by 2009 will still be some change.


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

"I want a love comedy turn. Colorful and so nice. Setaufnahmen and many a scene at the fair. Which Camera should I take?"

Do you know what the thing? The advice that you'll get here, you may completely unfavorable for your Project's. You need someone who is so informed and addressing your screenplay, your budget, the target format and the platform on which the film is going to run times decide which system is the right. It can be a HV30, EX1, F23, Kodak or Fuji's ... you do not know!

And the forest is easy turning unequal condition. Operating time a camera in the woods on a tape and let through. The speed of you 60 minutes to 3 minutes. You'll be amazed how strongly the light changes can be. Is synonymous lots of contrast, such a forest. And so, the cameraman clearly come.

Antwort von alexanderdergrosse:


where one can quite cheap except such good erento Cams rent?

Is not it cheaper somewhere in Eastern cheaper to rent?


Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Surreptitious Michel" wrote:
....... And the forest is easy turning unequal condition .......

Big Sun Sail + blocker use artificial light source, such as the surreptitious Michel said - in the woods to shoot / photograph is Tricky.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

In pill movie for example.

Antwort von PowerMac:

"alexanderdergrosse" wrote:

where one can quite cheap except such good erento Cams rent?

Is not it cheaper somewhere in Eastern cheaper to rent?


No.. Strictly s.and times your brain trying to search on "film technology lend" and relating to "making movies". A few days at college were synonymous Movie helpful. Again, there is not the right camera, no more than a real cameraman. The handles are synonymous to the choice of turning right format.

Antwort von moe2:

I personally knew not that it is so difficult to shoot in the woods. Re-learned. Yes exactly, I think because I am in the area are not familiar, I need someone who does. And if I now say that I want to shoot at dusk, it is certainly more complicated;)

Already have an advertisement for a videographer can advise me or even collaborate s.meinem Project wants to create. Let's see if there is what is coming. When Schaupspielersuche was no problem.

Does anyone here knew s.den can I contact?


Antwort von Alikali:

"moe2" wrote:
And if I now say that I want to shoot at dusk, it is certainly more complicated
Yes. Or. difficult:
Because you're for "Twilight" is only a very small window of time searched.
Since each hand and sit there on the point must be rotated.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Bzgl. Dawn would be either offered in all later Ami Style "abzudunkeln" in PostPro. Or at night or cloudy day to shoot.
Either way you'll get just the battery pack or generator must have.
Small hazers or fog machines (depends on the desired effect on) are synonymous nice.

Darken in the woods to make some scattered in the years to come. Because the foliage of the trees and the wind fairly light schwirig is equal to.

B. DeKid

* TIP *
But please ask at the Forest Protection Committee (City Hall) that before shooting begins.
There, you can notify each tenant of the phone with the contact you want, so you like it with the location and you can inspect the permission to Rotate there.
You have that certain Already at eight and use of motorized equipment, obtain a permit.

Antwort von moe2:

At the generator and / or fog Dunstmaschiene I thought synonymous.

When the twilight effect in the post makes it even that looks somewhat real?

With the permission of times I think it is not the big problem. Forest, there is still enough and until then is so synonymous have a little way;)

Thank you


Antwort von moe2:

One question I have s.Ende.

Since I have no experience with DV or HDV hab, I wanted to ask: How can I get the tape on the machined material to edit on the PC?

Bin namely superior, purely out of interest times the Canon XL H1 for a day or two borrow.

Also very good are the SonyPMW-EX1, but because it will not be any different than my current AVCHD camcorder. USB Male purely data to your PC and drag the MPEG 2 format.

What is it with programs? I've currently Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8d. Could I order the material from both cameras edit? Or do I need special codec or another program?


--- S.hier diverse, little useful contributions relating to ask questions, and even search of answers in Admin Off-top. sorted ---

Antwort von robbie:

That with the EX1 is such a thing. That is a very special file, or a very special mpeg2 version. It was the XDCAM codec.

Whether your program, I know this can not be memorized. But that can be safely read somewhere.

Antwort von alexanderdergrosse:

Also very good are the SonyPMW-EX1, but because it will not be any different than my current AVCHD camcorder. USB Male purely data to your PC and drag the MPEG 2 format.

Take the EX1/EX3, then you the good quality

What is it with programs? I've currently Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8d. Could I order the material from both cameras edit? Or do I need special codec or another program?

Manufacturer would logically Vegas series and their own cameras compatible with each other. Vegas supporting the aforementioned FullHD Cams synonymous record. Therefore Vegas take best Vegas Pro.
For such large Cams necessarily good for Vegas Pro set.

There is, for example, contribution of new Slashcam own XDCAM include:

http://www.slashcam.de/artikel/Test/MacBook-Pro--Final Cut Pro vs. Premiere - XDCAM-EX-ua-.html

Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:

So, I give my right speakers. The choice of camera depends on the film. The cameraman should decide. Light is another matter again.
Without it now want to become broad, I have in this thread a posting relating to camera and light training. Look at the times. Personally, I work with a JVC GY-HD110 and HD200. I like the 25p look. Movies I turn things with these cameras with 24p. The 50p look is so not my thing, it looks to "videomäßig" from, as well as the full 1080i format. But this is a matter of taste.
Special effects are definitely better with P formats, as I realize format. Whether you need that I do not know.
Light is generally a problem with video, film is acceptable. Here, someone must know what he does. Trust yourself a cameraman or DoP, which is never a mistake.
To make good pictures is not a matter of a year or two. Good pictures are more than 100 years ago. It is thus synonymous not a question of technique. It is a question of ability.
On the fringes, MBF in Frankfurt gives synonymous cameras.
Transferring to the calculator is done easily with all HD cameras via Firewire. I work with Liquid AVID or Final Cut Pro.
As far as my opinions about your question.

Many greetings


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