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Frage von curbgrinder:


have been some posts relating to keying read here, which were synonymous very helpful, but one thing I still do not get regulated.

We have tinkered a green screen synonymous and well lit.
Then have the whole load into Premiere and cropping works great with the chroma-key, almost perfect ;-).

The only problem is that we still have that glow around the person of even the very small green edges, especially s.den hair, so s.komplexeren fine structures.
Is there a way to get shut me off? As with Photoshop a blur or something like that?

Thank you already for your help and best wishes!



Antwort von Wechiii:

On "Blur" - there is a function (in After Effects for example) edge blur or something like that is (in the mask settings)

Best wishes,


Antwort von jwd96:

Do you have After Effects available? And what version of PPro? (The CS5 has a new keyer)


Antwort von Jörg:

Under "mat" is it possible to eliminate the spill, if any, I would have made the key in Keylight, there are spill / bias options available.

oh dear, I was at the after effects ;-( (


Antwort von molch:

Or if you have nothing else available, you take by Hue / Saturation Effect out the saturation of the greens.


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