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Frage von sunlite:


I've got a little problem. I'd like to convert a video using Canopus Procoder 2 into a MOV video with the H.264 codec. Normally my Canopus converts any video of him in a supported format. Even if I already want to convert an encoded video (eg DivX).

When converting to a MOV file with the H.264 codec, however, he immediately breaks off after the start. I have no idea why. It is not simple. Can this possibly be because I can convert with only the H.264 compressed video in a MOV format?

Can someone help me there. Why the conversion does not go with the Canopus Procoder 2 into a MOV format with H.264 codec?

Have you perhaps an alternative - ie a program that can easily convert video to MOV with H.264 codec?

Thank you


Antwort von rudi:

Synonymous, I had the problem, and am working with Super, a free Filekonverter, the MOVs with H.264 writes correctly.

For such cases, simply look into our freeware database.

You can find information on Supermicro then there eg ...,com_bookmarks/Itemid,5/task,detail/catid,17/navstart,0/mode,0/id,164/search,*/




Antwort von sunlite:




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