Infoseite // HC1 is compatible with Premiere Pro 2?

Frage von Sebastian Hahn:

I have before me the student version of the production studio and to purchase but would very much like to know in advance if my HC 1 of Sonysynonymous this is really compatible with Premiere Pro 1.5.1 was not the case. On the website of Adobe, I just rausgefunden that the NTSC version works on every case, but the PAL version is no entry on the HC1 from the list:
Anyway here are very few listed camcorder (3 pieces). Can someone tell me whether that is capturing the works? Because if not, it is worth the upgrade for me not so much.
And if ever we are I have a question about After Effects: According to Adobe is in the newer versions of After Effects synonymous of keying effect "Keylight" be included. Weis someone of you, whether the synonymous in the student version of Production Studio's inside?

Thanks already times in advance.


Antwort von usul:

Capturing HDV should work, but without separation scene. So I would tend to capture HDVSplit recommend. The generated files can then synonymous Premiere Pro.


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