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hc1 oder 3Chip DV-Cam?

HC1 or 3Chip DV Cam?

Frage von resenka:
Juni 2007

Hello everybody!

After up and down to read some of the great educational forum posts here and still ask grueling indecision on my part I now look after your opinion:

I'm studying media art / video art (mainly installations, screenings less) and now looking for a suitable companion for the next 3 years. He should me a lot of leeway to experiment, so a little of something can have. Actually I thought of something like the beginning s.an XM2 or VX2000. However, I had my last week of the rather general "HDV is-the-future-mood" can be carried away and ordered an HC1. But in all honesty - mini touch screen, little light-sensitive and wild pans makes it synonymous not happy with ... True 16:9 is nice, but I snippets afterwards turn around much anyway, since you can not synonymous nor wide angle black bars set ;-) I do a lot with Keys, animations, etc. that would be HDV (source) material probably Of advantage, right? The greater computing power required for HDV could become a problem, have only a small Powerbook (1Gig RAM). Only: worth it because, now a VX2000 to buy? Should I really send back HC1? And is not nearly as outdated?
At the university synonymous, we can borrow a lot of stuff, I'm not the only and solely dependent on this camera.

I'm curious about the times ... achja and answers Nochwas: there are at most 1300, - EUR and not a cent more!

lg, Theresa

(PS If this thread here ever gave him, I probably have overlooked ...)

Antwort von JMitch:

So for your requirements, I would thee
to an HDV cam advise, since you more
can learn and experiment with than the
target sd / dv 4:3 cameras.
HDV cams are perhaps not as (semi) professionally
But then there are the cams in certain studies.
whether it is a HC1 and not be better to use a HV20
should I ask myself.
because image quality and a little more lowlightfähigkeiten
speak at a lesser price for the HV20 ...
and then there is still money for more compute power and
hard disk capacity.
gruß cj

Antwort von Udo Schröer:

The trend is clearly so in 16:9 HDV and direction.

Shooting 4:3 and 16:9 and then masking is certainly the worst solution.

Who really only want to shoot 16:9 should now safely in an HDV Cam invest. Unfortunately, the models like the VX2000 appear (Semi execution) hold very expensive. FX 7 FX 1 and of course, synonymous comparable models of Canon, etc.

Antwort von JMitch:


Antwort von JMitch:

So: first many many thanks for your answers! Sure, I know that you can runterkonvertieren ... I've made synonymous ... I think I habs synonymous right (manual). Now there were problems ... so Final Cut staucht when exporting the picture to 4:3 always ... what the hell because I must set? Also refuses to Quicktime video (mov) to play, looks like ne slideshow ;-) When cutting is synonymous FinalCut transversely in the viewer s.zu show properly. Maybe I have with the wrong defaults read ...? Or the Powerbook is simply too weak on the chest :-(
It is because of the HC1, I want to upgrade grad not really ... I had more desire the money in a clever tripod, wide angle, telephoto, etc. to invest. The thing with the sluggish autofocus synonymous disturbs me still. Sharpen it, that's true. Just what use to me if they focus on movements that are easily join other cameras, the images vermatscht? Maybe I know that they are synonymous simply not good enough ...
That we have the "big" cameras s.der school can borrow is synonymous to a point ... if I want to work with HD, I can not FX7 or so and borrow directly s.den cut places in the school work. But I need not necessarily synonymous home more memory. 16:9 is the trend, but in the media, if you mainly makes installations garnicht is so important, because you have always the wildest formats.
Somehow this morning I'm already back for more the 3 Chipper ... as you see. Genuine frustierend this decision problems ;-)

Dearest greetings!

Antwort von JMitch:

jürgen @:

WOW are the beautiful pictures! Damn, the HC1 can be quite a lot ... The moon and with the children and the haystack is just great! Maybe I just need NEN HC1 course ... and more RAM

Antwort von resenka:

Oops, did not want to post anonymously ... Nochwas: Hab ne TRV900 with a lot of accessories offered gekriegt for 900 Tacker with 2 years warranty (dealer) ... maybe do it so synonymous for 2 of years until it is completely HD?

Antwort von wolfgang:

One thing is already clear: HDV needed in the post more computing power than IR. But usually it switches the PC every few years anyway, and if you are already old, you will probably synonymous in a reasonable time to change. Hast thou but then an SD camera, you are synonymous in the future on the lower Resolutionund 4:3 / false 16:9 fixed. From the Page, I advise her more inclined to stop spending gradually to be seen as synonymous and operations.

And another thing: the future is either as synonymous with high fixed to 16:9. If you with your studies are finished, it is likely that the world as a whole have rotated next piece.

When the PC is too weak, there are further variants of the intermediate or proxy cut. Only I do not know how the system of your support.

Antwort von resenka:

Chen Moment mal! The Powerbook is less than 1 1 / 2 years old and has been recently upgraded! ;-)
It is simply all a question of money. My original plan was to now s.Markt exploit the situation and an ordinary DV system to obtain that I otherwise could not afford. After training, I will indeed synonymous can work and earn money to give me proper equipment including a new calculator to obtain. So now almost prefer what good cheap buy and then completely change as a step by step and is always angry and that this is not funzt together. My professors are very zwiegespalten as synonymous. Some are absolutely HD geil, others believe s.eine fear rapid development and strong price when HD finally Waste (+ consistent) way into the living room is found.

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