Infoseite // HD / SD video in FLV several Resolutions?

Frage von BenjaminFuchs:


It is possible an FLV file into several Resolutions anzubeiten. Say an FLV file hochhladen and they have a service in real time with each other to deliver Resolutions (file sizes).

So for example, once in SD and even HD resolution.

Or should I really expect both Resolutions?

PS The server is a root.


Antwort von tommyb:

It is possible, with a streaming server, perhaps. But do you create an individual clip in various resolutions most likely not be around.


Antwort von

Of course, this is possible, but understand the meaning somehow not.

I do with Premiere Elements FLV files into various sizes
eg for my blog in width and 500 for a
Daily newspaper in 320er Width (because it is so desired).

These will be uploaded via FTP and a FLV player embedded.
Actually very simple.

So why only offer for download, if you do anyway to
directly to the website can show.
This is the FLV format synonymous thought.

I offer some DivX files to download, so the
Viewers the best quality can get.


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