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HD-Camera für Spiel-und Imagefilme bis 4500€

HD Camera for feature films and Image to 4500 ¬

Frage von kameramaennchen:
August 2009

Day together,

synonymous, we want to finally upgrade to HD queue so some new purchases. I am supported in the search for a camera to me especially in the cinema look. HDV, I think the most appropriate format for the moment, because of the cheap memory cards, which means but also workflow and dashing me otherwise I would still grow a new editing program. Many settings and progressive mode would be synonymous perfect sense.
Would cost, I had already taken the Canon XH-A1s in the eye, me with all the bells and off (; Case, Batteries) ... about 4000 ¬. What I do not like s.Ihr: the very strong CA's and the (, as I have read) is not quite as romping 25F mode.
Alternative would be the FX1000, but has no XLR, whose sharpness is not quite synonymous s.The rankommt the Canon and that of my knowledge is processed synonymous not so good.

Or is there perhaps another to High Cam 4500, - with the films can be synonymous with good movies look and image films (and the synonymous realize I quite liked the "movie-style" twist)?


Antwort von robbie:

HDCam is a false notion of elected, such you will for 4500 - are likely to find anywhere;) http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDCAM

For your intended application you should invest about ¬ 5,500 in an EX-1. Then you and XLR-HD, with the improved data rate of 35MBits and a semi professional format, and not HDV.

Antwort von masterseb:

really good film look marvelous with innovative technology and good price / performance ratio in my opinion provides for only the JVC GY HD100/200er series. These are broadcast capable cameras, but synonymous for "cinema look to be used" because cinegamma and 24p. this is great: they have a true 720p chip and make HDV1 1280x720 25/50 progressive! I would buy in this price class keien other camera.

the deficiencies I tell you (synonymous same: manual changeable optics, no autofokus) and the cam is a stromfresser. buy jedenfall 2 large nachbau globalmediapro batteries to do so.


Antwort von kameramaennchen:

Thanks for your quick response.

EX1 had been considered synonymous, but the expensive memory cards and the fact that I was not the material with the CS3 suite of editing Adobe may have dissuaded me quickly again of the idea.
I also have the Cam-yet been discovered below 6,000?

Antwort von masterseb:

at the JVC you need to pay attention, which makes a great ansich HDV, but in a format JVC, compliant (not sony;) therefore smoke more. I'm pretty sure cs4 can read! wollts you have just said, jvc's just understood in the first line on Final Cut Pro!

Antwort von kameramaennchen:

.... there was probably someone faster .....

S.den JVC's what bothers me is that they only record in 720p I would leiber 1080 .....

@ masterseb
Sorry, meant CS3

Antwort von masterseb:

you must not forget: this is true 720p, so the size of the chips!
all other cameras, although you do 1080i, but that is projected of a PAL chip! best example is the xha1 or the comparative model of sony. And there you see the quality difference! jvc's 720p is sharper, and richer in contrast dateigrößenmäßig smaller. Go to s.besten jvc broadcasting or look at the camera somewhere else, it's you or them from borg. tear in my surroundings, the people around my camera, 2 camera rental company in obwohls umkreis there that have solutions only expensive but cheap panasonic and canon / sony.

Antwort von robbie:

But times hello. Not that I want to bad-mouthing the JVC now.

The EX1/EX3 not expecting high, it offers true HD, for better data rate of 35MBits. BTW, the EX1, the chips are 1 / 2 inches tall, at the JVC only 1 / 3 inches
The memory cards are expensive, by common adapter or by copying, for example, with one netbook to 250 ¬, you can nochimmer ever filmed it.

The JVC has the worst HD with only 720x1280px compared 1080x1920px. 25p, the EX1 can anyway. So for movies perfectly suited to all cases better than 720p.

You ought to look for in a broadcast links, there are the cameras on request even for a good price.

Antwort von masterseb:

so is clear. However, we suggest a low-class, when not cooperate, the EX1 / 3.

Antwort von robbie:

They're both the same price range!

Edit, error of me, they are not, as the Optics mitverschleudert to the price;)

Nevertheless, my thoughts, then buy something clever. He even wants to make money with it.

Antwort von masterseb:

thus a HD110 you get around the already 3000-3500. HD200 by about one 3500-4000. for the EX1 is still leafing out much more miteinberechnet the memory cards. But the decision is up to us do not ;-)

Antwort von robbie:

Yes thank you for the correction, I've seen myself straight.

The memory, yes, the fight again with a couple hundred dollars to book. But, anyway, I can tell you, 6000 for Camera, Memory, Case, Batteries.
Ie 1500 more than our colleagues want to spend. That should still get some, the Money!

Antwort von kameramaennchen:

Thank you for your quick responses ...

I must say, I am of JVC synonymous not done so.
The EX1 synonymous, I find quite attractive. Had it a recommendation for a broadcast distributor in Massachusetts. Hamburg, Hanover or so?

To which model you would recommend for me if I could spend a maximum of 4000, -? A1s, FX1000 or something completely different?

@ Robbie:
So if you tell me the shop where I ne EX1 with all the bells and get tuned for 6k, then it would be ne real alternative.

Antwort von KrischanDO:

"kameramaennchen" wrote:
... And the fact that I am not the material with the suite of Adobe CS3 to edit ...

The last free update of Premiere CS3 can read the EXCAM-EX files. Before that helps a plug of Mainconzept (; around 330 euros)

I have since November 08 the EX-1 and am very satisfied.


Antwort von robbie:

Hamburg and surroundings. Given the urgency is probably on BPM;).


when I see that the list price of making the ex-set to 17, are something percent cheaper, that alone in the ex1 a low of around ¬ 6054.85 from ....

So ask just ask me!

Antwort von KrischanDO:


of BPM, I have my EX-1 synonymous. One of the "24 hours Berlin" - contingent. Was very good: She was thoroughly checked, had the latest firmware and the right accessories.


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