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HD Videoschnitt mit dem neuen Macbook Pro

HD DV editing with the new MacBook Pro

Frage von egolegoegolego:
März 2011


I'm considering the new Macbook Pro 15 to buy. "
Good for the notebook for HD DV Editing?
How To angeprießen yes, the Apple web site "Now everywhere you go to all of games to CAD up to make HD video projects."
Though it's not quite believe it.
I would appreciate an answer of you.

Antwort von Axel:

The answer must be differentiated. It is a comparatively very expensive laptop. Of course he can cut like the cheaper versions of Windows with similar values, Videos.

Why is it a Mac? I myself would say, primarily because of FinalCut. Current Final Cut Pro is no longer "state of the art, not leveraging the 64-bit architecture of the operating system into which it is embedded. While everyone waits for that this will change , but not exactly not known.

At present, the differences in the performance characteristics are thus handicapped to the backwardness of the software. All Macs with Intel processors allow HD editing (I'm writing on a 4-year-old MacBook, which HD - except the screen size - can cut comfortably), speed differences concern especially render times, synonymous the graphic was supposed to at least 256 MB have. A PC laptop that will take full advantage of the modern "native" section, it must be very efficient about it. On a Mac, you can cut no native AVCHD.

What general - not only based on Mac - and a minus point in the combination of HD editing and Laptop, is the too small space on the display. Although it can connect an external monitor, but where is the advantage of mobility?

Antwort von Bidone:

I cut my HDV videos on a 15 "MBP. This is now two years old.
In practice, an external monitor. Can I connect so well s.Displayport.
If you cut only at home, then I would possibly consider the purchase an iMac. The price has more power with less.
I use the Mac synonymous mobile, so I have for years MacBooks.

'm Curious what will the new Final Cut. Perhaps it is indeed the next few months.

VG Bidone

Antwort von Jott:

Simply inform accurately. Three to four HD streams of the internal drive are no problem, all real-time. The "secret" is ProRes, and shall be synonymous with the outside of the Apple world, Arri see Alexa and of course the whole ProRes recorder, delivered straight to market. AVCHD "native" is not (yet), but one may wonder: why?

Available for a few days new laptops are now faster than many MacPro and iMacs - a pretty big jump in performance.

Antwort von Bidone:

"Jott" wrote:
Available for a few days new laptops are now faster than many MacPro and iMacs - a pretty big jump in performance.

That sounds very interesting! Consider investing synonymous ever again. But now I only bought a XH A1s, there must be the first laptop back.
I would be so interested in times for some practical experience of one of the proud owners.

I save all my video files on an external FW800 drives off, as is the free internal drive. Fortunately, they have so s.neuen MBP get the FW interface.

VG Bidone

Antwort von Axel:

"Bidone" wrote:
But now I only bought a XH A1s, there must be the first laptop back.

The just mentioned, I have simple MacBook in May 2007 concurrently with the XH A1 acquired to capture live, with a 4.5 m long FW cable. Logged before the recording, cool. As each course is clear, FW is not the most stable compound, and the cable strain relief, despite sometimes slipped out of the socket.

What then? Program re-start? Nope, cable back in, the recording is of their own next with a new clip. I mention this not because I necessarily recommend this approach, it will only demonstrate the stability of the system. And of course: HDV with 25 Mbit / s has for years been synonymous natively no problem for the simplest Macs. Capture HDV, HDV timeline with a simple interface, in ProRes for larger Postpro stories that runs completely smooth.

Antwort von webwerner:

I cut it synonymous to a MacBook Pro 8GB RAM that works super synonymous with Full HD (24MB/Sek) AVCHD material (which changed in Apple Pro Res 422nd

Antwort von WoWu:

Antwort von Piers:

I work with mobile NEM in 2007 and FC MacBookPro 6.06. 2007er MBP therefore, since it does not have Express slot and I with much nerve EX-1 am on the move.

Section with XDCamEX material is easily synonymous manage major projects is not a thing. When rendering encode / what it should already go fixed. However I like a 2007er MBP.

If it beautifully even at my old cucumber goes, it should work with NEM 2011er Model certainly fluid.

Antwort von susy:

I work with FCE s.einem 13 "MacBook Pro from last year. The movies are on an external FW 800 hard drive. FCE and external hard drive to work super fast, (Pro Res).

The new 13-inch MacBook Pros are due to recent test as fast as the old 17 "Macbook pro.
And the new 17 "MBP is 80% faster than the old 17" MBP.

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