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Frage von TomPhil:


I have a movie as unkompr. tiffsequenz in 1920 * 1080 are present in After Effects and want to do it with Adobe Encore CS4 a PAL DVD.

Dynamic Link import but I get always 2 thin black bars left and right when I make a 16:9 PAL DVD from it. How can I avoid this?
Or what the best workflow is to encode the order of 1920 * 1080 16:9 PAL DVD?



Antwort von Pianist:

I'll tell me, how I would do that if my Programs are synonymous other than Yours: The 1920x1080 images, I would import it as a "Sequential Files" in my Avid to have a movie file. (Can this intermediate step, I think this is important because otherwise later flicker on the Picture tube TVs) Then I switch to PAL of HD and to make a Videomixdown in DV 50, so I have a clean PAL film. Of which I do a "Quick Time Reference". I import this into my "squeeze" and then create an Mpeg-2 file in 720 x 576, 16:9 aspect ratio and data rate according to taste so 4 to 6 Mbits / s. This MPEG-2 file and then I import the sound in my DVD authoring program Avid DVD by Sonic "and create the DVD image.



Antwort von TomPhil:

Thanks, that sounds after a good workflow, but I can thus begin to diminish. I'm certainly not the possibility with nerve Quicktime Reference rauszugehn from After Effects ...
and actually my whole encoding part but should only be accomplished via the Adobe range, right?


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