Infoseite // HD-DVD or AVCHD convert to a File

Frage von Basti16:

I am looking for a program with which I am an HD DVD or AVCHD file to convert it.


Antwort von Gates:

For Excel?


Antwort von Markus:

"A / e Nameless / r wrote: I am looking for a program with which I am an HD-DVD [...] to a file to convert it.
I understand the question times, just as she was raised and Adobe Photoshop into the room. Just the HD-DVD to create a scanner and the scanned data as a file store. Optional s.dieser would Digiknipse a place synonymous.

Alternatively, one could synonymous a micro phone and try Audacity, but as an HD-DVD so without any further influence of Tönchen is there, I think it is rather nonsensical, Audio files to want to create.

Anders, I can not imagine, from a hardware to File.

And if one now comes up with the idea that nonsense Answers relating to complain, then I would at the very vague and ambiguous point. ;-)


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