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Frage von helio1982:


I have a Canon HFM31 and thus leaving seminars for several hours.

My problem: The files are huge! A 15 minute test video that I have today received has 2.7 GB. I have included all eight hours before s.Stück. The camcorder is currently set to LP recording, this is the lowest level.

Can one still set something? I have found in the menus and nothing in the instructions. The Resolutionkann I far as I can not see the manual setting, which changes according to the Instructions of 1920 x 1080 at Modis XP +, SP and LP auto 1080th to 1440 x

I could really do without it on video quality! The videos do not need to be played in full screen mode, simply a Youtubeähnliches window.

Of course I know that I have the videos after they are smaller s.Calculator still can. The dubbing of such large files on the calculator but I am already too burdensome, because it lasts very long. I would like to just generate some smaller files.

Thanks for any hints!


Antwort von Bernd E.:

Look again exactly what s.der Camera is set: For show "LP" would have 15 minutes recording almost 700MB. When you get to 2.7 GB, then this points more to the best setting "MXP out. An accurate overview of the required space can be found in the manual.


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