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Frage von Gast_des_Tages:

Good evening.

My first HD project and a question about this s.die professionals.

Starting position:
Was shot on HDV 1080i, the material should be in AVID and After Effects and edited s.Ende land on HDCAM.

I have a SonyZ1 with HDV material recorded 1080i/50. Not on tape, but directly via FireWire in Apple's Final Cut Pro. There, the recording settings: 1080i/50 HDV codec: HDV (! Not HDV Apple Intermediate Codec).

The MOV's which I had then, I have converted via Quicktime with the following codec: AVID DNxHD 185 10-bit Color Level the 709th And when asked for the size I do not know that next: do I export the clips in 1920x1080 or 1440x1080 - how they're recorded by the camcorder ...?

The material (with the DNxHD codec) to be followed in AVID Media Composer Adrenaline imported. There must be a fluid motion effect on it, then move them exported, edited in After Effects, and re-exported to HDCAM each other (but not of me, that makes ne other company).

When you import into AVID, I've uszur Choice: DNxHD 185 MXF and DNxHD 185 x MXF. Where's the difference?

What I especially do not entirely understand the above question is after the image ... AVID is imported in both (1440 and 1920) the same. * g * But how must the Resolutionfür to HDCAM?

Would be nice if I could help somebody else ...

Thank you very much.


Antwort von Hetacomb:

Hello Gast_des_Tages,

So first we have exactly the same problem.
The files were in the HDV format from Final Cut and now be played on the Avid Liquid Chrome cut.
But somehow, the files compressed with any codec that Chrome is not supported.
But I do not know if you get the codec and if so, where?

Achso and HDCAM Resolutionvon has a 1440x1080 (1080i set if you did)

Gruß Max


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