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HD-Film aus FinalCutPro in bester Qualität auf Heimkino-Anlage ansehen

HD movie from FinalCutPro the best quality home theater system to watch

Frage von Canon5Dii-Fan:
Januar 2011

Love slashcam community,
Despite intensive search, I found no solution to this problem:
I have taken with the Canon 5DMarkII Full HD material (. Mov, H.264, 25fps) and on iMAC in Final Cut Pro 7 cut natively, the sequence thus has the format of the source material. Now I search for the easiest way the film (total approximately 4h, subdivision into smaller bites would obviously be ok) with no quality loss on my home theater system to watch.
Export as QuickTime, while retaining the settings does not work to end. (? But the Final Cut Pro can not generate or) WD Media Player supports H.264 only as mkv. The player does support h.264 in Fantec. Mov container, but has a PC FAT32 file system so that the files I do not get on it (the attached WD drive he does not synonymous).
Which Blu-Ray burner from Mac OS X Snow Leopard is supported without complaint, and whether directly from Final Cut Pro, Compressor on toast or just with HD-plugin can tell me synonymous None.
Do you know your advice? Many thanks in advance

Antwort von Jott:

The external Blu-ray Burner LaCie is of very high quality and works via FireWire 800 perfectly with the Mac (OSX itself, Final Cut Pro, Toast, etc.) together, we have several. Will usually only None, not quite as cheap.

Antwort von Canon5Dii-Fan:

Thank Heavens for the quick reply. You speak from the Lacie D2 12x, right? If the burning of the sequence on BluRay from FCP7, Compressor3.5, toast with Bd-plugin ...?... the recommended bullet on the home full-HD projector?

Antwort von TiMovie:

2. Option would be if your iMac, the timeline can be like playing in the highest quality:
Your iMac has a monitor output, with which you provide your projector (depending on connection) with HDMI can.
Mini Display Port (on DVI) to HDMI, the sound completely normal with mini 3.5 s.die plant (cables) and in Final Cut Pro audio / video setting -> set video playback accordingly.
Thus, your timeline in HD will be played on a monitor exteren.

Antwort von Canon5Dii-Fan:

Ok, thanks. And uncluttered, but with good sound? Rather, Media Player, or rather BluRay? Do you know a media player that. Can mov with H.264 video codec and the good plays with the Mac file system? Or can convince Final Cut Pro, synonymous. Mkv with h.264 generate, for example, the WD what could probably live TV?

Antwort von Jott:

"Canon5Dii fan" wrote:
Thank Heavens for the quick reply. You speak from the Lacie D2 12x, right? If the burning of the sequence on BluRay from FCP7, Compressor3.5, toast with Bd-plugin ...?... the recommended bullet on the home full-HD projector?

Just the. As for the "silver bullet" is concerned: this is for me, in fact, a Blu-ray player. create HD on disc, with the Mac, simple and without any retching (Final Cut Pro 7 or toast), playing without any hardware nerd-factor (only if all the disk clean and press play, and no Menugefummel codec combat).

The Elegant s.Blu-ray players is that they are synonymous replace the existing DVD player and DVDs to help via 1080p upscaling amazing new quality to HD televisions. I prefer such a device at any time throughout the bizarre media players, especially since it is hardly more expensive. But this is ultimately a matter of taste.

Antwort von Canon5Dii-Fan:

Hello, Jott. The nerd-factor with two highly recommended media players I've seen s.eigenen body ... Time is the Picture and the sound stops. Then run the sound, but the picture is bad and has strange recesses, and then run asynchronously to the sound, the files can not be brought to the FAT32 hard drive ... can nerve ... and love is always only play with my support.
Convinced! The LaCie burner needs her and the BluRay burner is fed. Thanks for the support. Do me a lot.

Antwort von TiMovie:

A BR player like the LG BD570 also has other advantages:
plays BluRay and Video from mkv, playing everything from the USB stick synonymous with s.and has DLNA which you can stream all of your calculator without having to burn it and and banishes clutter and co.

Antwort von Jott:

A note yet: you will read there and then that Blu-ray players can not 25p, that with your material so can not go. In reality, it's the point, it is stored as containing psf (ie in 50i "hidden", both fields the same). In addition to discussing theory is not worth making here, we constantly and works well.

Antwort von Canon5Dii-Fan:

Thank Heavens, synonymous for this reference. Something one can indeed quite unsettling.

Antwort von nordheide:

Natively Mov cut
purely in Toast with HD plug-in

External enclosure (name I do not have at the moment at hand)
GGW-H20L burner via USB

running smoothly for about a year.

At the beginning of toast had a bug, but was eliminated with an update and I had another USB enclosure tested without success.

But Toast encoded with max. 26 Mbps, but I think that is without BD standard.

The fired BDs have so far played any stand-alone player

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