Infoseite // HD video from FCE in Toast 3.5.1 build 10 as a pseudo-BluRay

Frage von EThie:


I created a travel film (HDV, AVCHD no) as a Quicktime HD movie with chapter markers and exported.

I Will Now with Toast 10 (create V 10.08) a pseudo-BluRay to DVD + R DL (Verbatim), increases toast during encoding at 0%. (BluRay plugin is available)
Message: "The disc could not be created because there is a problem with the source material")

The same film as mp4 exported from FCE (Full-HD 1920x1080) Toast edited at least up to 5%, and then also break off with the above error message.

Am I on a sloppy like pure advertising and Toast can burn AVCHD movies only in BluRays, or is it still with HDV? What then could be the cause?
The HD Quicktime movie in iDVD is expected to correct in SD Resolutionherunter and can be played on all players known to me.

E. Thie.


Antwort von Jott:

Go on. There are the toast encoding one possibility is progressive or interlaced. Put the car on, then it works. Otherwise, I would take a DVD-R, has to do with it but nothing.


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