Infoseite // HD video import of SonyHDR-XR520VE in Final Cut Express (Mac)

Frage von Juliane:


does anybody know whether there are possibilities of a video clip SonyHDR-XR520VE into Final Cut Express (on a Mac) import - without using imovie (quality loss) to? Maybe someone has even one piece of advice, it's possible that there are special converter or updates so that I can convert the. Cpi files into FCE compatible files.

For help, I am really very grateful to me now suggest quite a while with this thing around ....

lg Juliane


Antwort von deti:

Infected Camera in Playback mode via USB, so it appears in the Finder.

FCE File menu item and select Start / Log & Transfer and import the clips displayed. This can be quite long ...



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