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Frage von maxi62:

Somebody get say wove all the current HD digital video camcorder, cut-HD will not plausible? I have a really new Quad PC with lots of processor power and RAM and still could, for example, an HD video with the JVC HM200 hardly Magic Deluxe 15 plus play smoothly or cut.
I did not want to have to convert synonymous previously only 1 / 2 hour each snippet so that it is then cut better. If this is so bad for all cameras, it is probably better PAL resolution interesting, right?


Antwort von Modellbahner:

Attempt PowerDirector8 times. The order is well clear.

Gruß Bernd


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

PowerDirector 8 can be difficult to edit such files via proxy clips auxiliary liquid which is generated automatically when you activate this option. However, it is synonymous requires time, because only when this proxy auxiliary clips (; CyberLink calls them "shadow files") are created, a timeline stutter-operation possible. The fact that one of the proxy files edited, of course, has been synonymous not a very good preview of what the assessment of filter effects may somewhat difficult.

I tested the program something here

Antwort von ArnAuge:

To circumvent these problems exactly, I'm looking for HDV (decided; Canon HV30). Because the incision goes smoothly (even with a dual-core, in Premiere) Pro CS3.

Clearly, the capturing on tape synonymous takes time, but if the film should be well cut, I need to occupy myself is hard with the raw materials anyway, then what is hereby already partially completed.



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